Anthony Trevellick

Here you Go Dave, the photos taken on board Perkasa just minutes before we capsized. ( I had shot a roll then taken it below out of the salt spray so it was saved thank goodness). You will notice one of the photos show the smoke and flames coming from the transom as she started up, I lost my eyebrows just prior to taking this shot as I wasn’t expecting such a violent exhaust lol.
I have also included two shots that I took of the launching from inside our boathouse  then I quickly ran outside to get a shot as she lay in the outer holding pool. You can still see the swirling launch chocks in the foreground.  I have also included a photo taken inside the boat shop showing the framing etc. at the time of the Perkasa build.

I hope these will compliment your KD Perkasa site.
Regards, Tony.