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The Real Boats


"In 1959, Vospers built as a private venture the prototype Fast Patrol Boat Ferocity.  Developed with the help of quarter scale model, the 88ft long vessel was powered by two Bristol Siddley Proteus gas turbines and incorporated deep V sections forward to give improved sea keeping. Ferocity had a top speed of over 50knots.  As a prototype she was a success and justified the financial outlay as boats with similar form were later ordered from the company by Germany, Denmark, Malaysia, Brunei and Libiya.  (VT Group)

HMS Brave Borderer

"The Fast Patrol Boat HMS Brave Borderer was built by Vospers at Portsmouth and completed in 1960.  The 96ft long hull had an aluminium framework clad in a double mahogany skin, and sheathed in glass fibre below the water line.  The craft was powered bt three Bristol Siddley gas turbines driving super cavitating propellers which could drive her at 50knots.  After a relatively short service life, HMS Brave Borderer was discarded in the 1970's
(VT Group)


"The 96ft Malaysian Fast Patrol Boat Perkasa was launched by Vospers in April 1966.  One of a class of four, she was based on the private venture craft Ferocity.  Her Three Proteus gas turbines were capable of propelling the craft at 54 knots, with twin General Motors diesels on the wing shafts fitted for Cruising.  The hull is made entirely of glued wooden construction with aluminum upper works.  (VT Group)