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Available Vosper Thornycroft Perkasa - Kits


These are the sources of kits and spares I have found (Please mention this website if you purchase from these
suppliers to help support my site). Please note this site is hobby site and is not affiliated with these companies or their services.

Tamiya Vosper Fast Patrol Boat Perkasa  - 1/72
Sadly this kit is now out of production, although kits frequently appear on ebay, they generally go for between £17 to £35.
The molding is superb and the usual Tamiya standard

Here is an example of a well made kit

Precedent 1/24  49"   and
This is the one my boat was based on, these kits are still available through ebay the basic hull and cabins are a good shape, the fittings are very basic though, and the kit can end up very heavy if your not careful as they were originally designed for petrol engines.  However, its good to have a traditional wood and the huge 49" version available.  Second hand built or partly built are frequently available on e-bay.

Orginal Precedent Advert 1990


Nautical Marine Models 1/32 Kit
I have no experience of this kit that is available on ebay and through the link below.  From the initial photos it look superb.


NMM 1/32nd Scale Perkasa