"The Chairs" was my first rather long short story written in the nuclear Cold War era of the 1980s. 
It is a free pdf ebook. The Chairs  (google pdf doc)   The Chairs on the web: kavedragenink.com/chairs/

WARNING! This story is realistic psychological horror. It may be free, but there will be a price to pay -- in your dreams!

AUTHOR'S NOTE: A long time ago, now, The Chairs was written in an age called the Cold War era, when the world teetered upon the 11th-hour brink of nuclear extinction, where the constant threat of a global atomic war between the super powers, the Soviet Union and the U.S. and its allies, loomed over us all, as it had since the mid-1950s. Thirty duck-and-cover years. We of the bomb-baby generation, many of us lived our whole lives under the MAD umbrella, Mutually Assured Destruction, in fear of imminent nuclear holocaust and annihilation. This is our story. 
(The Chairs was to appear in Eldritch Tales, purchased by Crispin Burnham on 9 February 1992. Sadly -- for this story and for the world of Horror, Fantasy and Sci-Fi -- the publisher ceased operation before The Chairs ever came to press. Due to the story's specific historical context, and world events transpiring in 1991-92, I never resubmitted The Chairs elsewhere for publication.)

P.S. Not long after finishing the first draft of this story, my nuclear nightmares ceased. I haven't stopped writing since.

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