K D Kragen is a philosopher, writer, teacher, editor, husband, father and grandfather. 
Somehow he manages to be all those things while still pursuing interests that include practicing 
Aikido and Iaido, riding his motorcycle Veronica, chopping wood for the fire, and running - 
vhat his ancestors called "fleeing."

Recently Published Works
(Amazon KDKragen Page) -   NOTICE: Kragen's longtime publisher, ArcheBooks,  closed last year 2020. Kragen's books are presently unavailable. In the coming year The KillWare Chronicles and Plagueman will be re-issued, as well as the debut of Kragen's latest fantasy novel Space Leviathan.  Upcoming Press Releases will announce re-issue and publishing dates.  


KillWare® III:
The Accidental Prisoner available from amazon.com and on Kindle. KillWare & KillWare II: The Wastes have been reissued in paperback and on Kindle. More info and updates at killware.com.

- available from ArcheBooks publishing as well as from amazon.com, and from your local bookstore. Read more about Kragen's first historical fiction novel and the latest news on potential flu pandemic at plagueman.com.
From Alone To Aloha - the Sonia Lien Story. Recently Sonia learned she is the niece of Duke Paoa Kahanamoku, father of modern surfing. 

Written by K. D. Kragen, From Alone To Aloha is available in hardcover & on Kindle from amazon.com as well as from your local bookstore. More info at alohasonia.com

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