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Plant Sections

      • Raw Material
      • Process
        • Fermentation
        • Distillation
        • Dehydration
      • Product
      • Utility
      • Waste






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Raw Material

Fermentable Sugars, which are directly or indirectly available in the raw materials, are converted to alcohol. Naturally available raw materials, either directly or after processing provide sugars for desired fermentation (process for converting sugar to ethanol).

Direct Sugar Containing Raw Materials - typical examples are sugar cane or beet molasses, cane juice, sweet sorghum juice, etc.



Indirect Sugar Containing Raw Materials - These materials do not contain direct fermentable sugars. Thus, these materials like starch & cellulose based materials are first converted to fermentable sugars using proesses like Liquefaction/Saccharification and Acid Hydrolysis respectively. Typical examples are corn, rice, wood, etc.


Typical Composition of Molasses


Typical Composition of Corn