Sunflower Applet

A Gnome Applet to change the shadow on a compiz managed window 

Sunflower Applet changes the shadow on the windows managed by compiz when the decorator plugin is enabled and with beryl when emerald is used as the decorator. The shadow on the window moves from left to right from sunrise to sunset, and stays static from sunset to sunrise, as if the shadow is being cast by the "sun" moving right to left over your windows.

After you install it, select the panel you want to add it to, right click and select "Add to Panel" then scroll thru the list and select Sunflower. A panel applet should appear and your window shadow may adjust. Watch it during the day and the shadow should slowly slide from left to right.

To reload the applet, just run

killall sunflower

And it will reload, do this when you update the program.




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