To win is not what matters, to make your opponent loose is what does.

About: Bovo is a KDE 4 game, modeled upon a classic pen and paper game, where you try to connect five in a row prior to your opponent.

Game rules: Players take turn to place their marks (X or O) on the playing board. A player cannot move their already placed mark or put their mark upon an already placed mark. Neither can they pass their turn. Whoever reaches five marks connected in a straight line (be it vertical, horizontal or diagonal) wins!

Status: Fully playable for those with KDE 4 running. Residing in the playground module of KDE SVN. Actively developed and maintained.

Author: Aron Boström is a 24 year old scanian freecoder, living in a suburb to Copenhagen, studying for a M.Sc. 

Contact: E-mail and jabber: aron.bostrom at Irc: hrafnahnef on #kdegames, #kde-devel and #kde4-devel, at the freenode network.


  • 2007-03-04: Fully playable and enjoyable.
  • 2007-03-02: Imported into playground module in KDE SVN.

Download & Install

  • svn co svn://
  • mkdir -p build && cd build
  • make install
  • $KDEDIR/bin/bovo