Accepted Papers

*The accepted papers are available here.

Long presentation

Extreme Event Detection in Online Social Media using Social Focus 
Dror Kenett, Fred Morstatter, Gene Stanley and Huan Liu (BibTex)

Deriving Disaster-Related Information from Social Media
Darren Appling, Erica Briscoe, David Ediger, Jason Poovey and Robert McColl (BibTex)

Short presentation

Social Media Based Earthquake Detection and Characterization
Michelle Guy, Paul Earle, Scott Horvatch, Jessica Turner, Douglas Bausch and Greg Smoczyk (BibTex)

Information Network Mining: A Case For Emgergency Scenarios
Anh Le, Yu-Ru Lin and Konstantinos Pelechrinis (BibTex)

Wired to Connect: Analyzing Human Communication and Information Sharing Behavior during Extreme Events
Faisal Aleissa, Riyadh Alnasser, Abdullah Almaatouq, Kamran Jamshaid, Fahad Alhasoun and Anas Alfaris (BibTex)

Detecting and classifying anomalous behavior in spatiotemporal network data
William Chad Young, Joshua E. Blumenstock, Emily B. Fox and Tyler H. McCormick (BibTex)

Tweet Type, Location and Popularity: Case Study Hurricane Sandy
Amanda Karavolia, Dimitrios Vogiatzis, Brandon Truong, Andrea Tapia, Cornelia Caragea, Anna Squicciarini and Georgios Paliouras (BibTex)