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M3U Playlist Fixer for Motorola phones

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I use MediaMonkey to manage my music.  It works great to sync to my Motorola V360 phone and the 1GB memory card I have in it.  One thing that I couldn't do was use the playlists created by MediaMonkey on my phone.  When I accessed them, the phone would always say they were empty.  This utility fixes that problem.  It modifies the playlist files so the Digital Audio Program (DAP) that came installed with my phone (from T-Mobile) can use them.  It may work for you, but then again it may not.  If it doesn't, I'll try to help, but I'm not an expert on the subject, I'm just a guy who wanted to try to share something that works for me.

Requirements:  This is a Windows application.  I developed it under Windows XP.  It should run on any system that supports the .NET 2.0 framework.  You must have .NET 2.0 installed on your system to run this.  There are no special requirements for your phone (it doesn't run on the phone).  I use a Motorola V360, but this application may work with other phones also.

Installation:  Download the file.  Put it somewhere on your system.  If you keep it in the same directory where your songs are (MediaMonkey defaults to \Music on your device), you won't have to select the directory every time.  In the configuration for the device, tell MediaMonkey to put the playlists in the same directory where it puts the music.  Also tell it to not create a directory structure.

Create some playlists:  Run MediaMonkey and sync some music to your phone along with the playlists you want to go with the music.

Run Moto-M3U:  It doesn't need an install, just run the program.  Enter the foldername you want to process (it you keep the program on the memory card and run it from there, the folder name will come up ready to go).  Press start.  When it's done, the playlists should work on your phone after restarting the DAP (it only reads them on startup).

Enhancements:  If your phone requires a differently formated M3U and you can tell me exactly what needs to be different about it, let me know and I may be able to add it as a selectable option in the program.

Version History:

1.3 - 6-29-006

  • I got ambitious and updated it to work when you use different directories.  You no longer have to put the files together in one place.  If you specify the root of a memory card in the program, it should take care of all playlists that it finds on the card.

  • Specifying "F:\music" when the directory was really named "F:\Music" would cause problems.

  • Added warning message when a file listed in a playlist can not be found on the media.

1.2 - 6-26-2006

  • Changed to require playlists and files be in same directory (I'm too lazy to make it go find and fix the paths).  The old way worked, but it was pretty specific about where the files could be.  This way is a bit more generic.  Just tell MediaMonkey to put the playlists in the same directory as the files and don't have it create a directory structure.

  • All extensions matching ".mp3" are fixed to be ".MP3" so the phone will recognize them.

1.1 - 6-23-2006

  • Now ignores lines starting with "#"  The phone doesn't need them as it reads the ID3 tags directly from the files.

1.0 - 6-15-2006

  • First release.