Welcome to KD6CUB Amateur Radio

    Thanks for stopping by my Ham site, this is my attempt to expand my Radio hobby onto the Web.
I built this site for a few reasons, one of witch is to add information about my repeater.

    A little about me as I said earlier Ham Radio is my hobby and I try to learn and play with every aspect of it. I'm mostly heard on the local repeaters here in El Paso, TX, but I do like to play on HF and 6meters when sun spots are right. I do a little contesting mainly just the QSO parties, and Field Day of course.

    I am a hiker and volunteer park ranger for the Wyler Aerial Tramway State Park in the Franklin Mountains and have recently added radio to that too, I am now part of the S.O.T.A. (Summits on the Air) group and happen to be the Regional Manager for TX.

    As I said earlier I am a repeater owner, I have the 147.28 repeater on the west side of El Paso. I have it linked to the local system known as the Amigo System, and in the future I'm adding a remote base to it, and who knows what I'll do from there. Once the remote base is functioning I will post control codes here for it.

    Thanks again for stopping by and visit again for any updates on the repeater.

KD6CUB (Sean)

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