2012 trail crew reports

May 21-25

The snow is melting fast, the mud is drying up, and trails are in great shape. Techno Grind, Back of KC, Miners, Lower Redtop, Snake, and Cherry Poppins all received thorough seasonal maintenance this week. 

May 14 to 18

With unseasonably warm temperatures we’ve lots of new trails opening up.  This week we worked on Tamarack, Larry’s, Moe’s, Drake’s, Redhead, Red-top, Antenna and Flagpole View, and all the other lower elevation trails are virtually snow free, just watch for occasional windfall until we get to them with a saw. We’ve cleared the exceptional amount of windfall on the Dewdney, but unfortunately major wash-outs have closed Crown Point until we get a chance to complete some significant repairs.

May 7 to 11

missing - coming soon

April 30 to May 4

The KCTS trail maintenance crew is in the process of getting up to capacity, and have started seasonal inspections and maintenance on the open trails, such as: Miral Heights, Bluffs, Camp Tweedsmuir, Cemetery, Green Door, Rogers, Milky Way, Kootenay Columbia, KC Ridge, and Whiskey.  This past March was the wettest on record, and April wasn’t exactly dry, so as a consequence there’s more standing water, mud, and eroded tread than usual on the trails. We’ll continue to do what we can to address these issues, but until things dry out, exercise a little extra caution. A note of thanks to the many volunteers that have helped to open up the trails this Spring.