Consumer Economics- Summer School

Course Objective:

1. To promote student understanding of basic economic concepts and topics

2. To enable every student to comprehend economic events chronicled in the media.

3. To activate the acquisistion of information and skill sufficient to carry out practical everyday economic and civic responsibilities of American citizens.


CHAPTER 7: Banking Services-Where to Stash your Cash

Thursday July 5th Assignments

CHAPTER 8: Plan For Financial Security

 Friday July 6th Assignments

Chapter 9: Investing - Prepare for your Future

Monday July 9th Assignmnets

Chapter 10: Credit - You're in Charge

Tuesday July 10th Assignments

Chapter 11: Budget Essentials - Food, Clothing, & Fun

Wednesday July 11th Assignmnets

Chapter 12: Transportation - How Will You get There?

Thursday July 12th Assignments

Chapter 13: Housing - A Place to Call Home

Friday July 13th Assignments

Chapter 14: Auto and Home Insurance- Sharing the Risk

Monday July 16th Assignments

Chapter 15: Health & Life Insurance - Your Personal Security

Tuesday July 17th Assignments

Chapter 16: Choose Services - When you need Help

Wednesday July 18th Assignments

Chapter 17: Global Economy - What it Means to You

 Thursday July 19th Assignments