K. C. Shashidhar

Welcome to my quasi-professional webpage. I am a staff engineer at GRAIL, involved in the design, analysis and development of algorithms for next-generation sequencing applications, with a focus on liquid biopsy for cancer screening.

My current broad interest is in data science, with a predilection for its applications in precision medicine. Previously, I've been interested in research and development of methods and tools to improve safety and security of cyber-physical systems. In particular, my research concerned development and application of formal methods (logic and semantics based analyses) toward rigorous model-driven engineering of cyber-physical systems.

Prior to joining GRAIL, I've held research and development positions at IlluminaNabsysMathWorksMax Planck Institute for Software SystemsFraunhofer IESEGeneral Motors ResearchIMEC and IIT Delhi, and I obtained a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium.

The following links provide more information about my work and myself:
  • Publications (@ Scholar): Articles on the page present work on the following topics ---
    • Closed-Loop analyses of Cyber-Physical Systems,
    • Specification Inference and Refinement,
    • Model-based Testing of Hybrid Systems,
    • Model-based Testing of Code-Generators/Model-Processors,
    • Safety and Product-Line Engineering,
    • Verification of Source Code Transformations,
    • System-Level Equivalence Checking, and
    • Power-Aware Compilation for Embedded Systems.
    • Past Professional Activities
      • Workshop on Analytical Virtual Integration of Cyber-Physical Systems (AVICPS 2012AVICPS 2011)
      • International Conference on Software Testing, Verification and Validation (ICST 2011)
      • Avocation and such:
        • I leave my share of tidbits here.
        • I (and my wife) love collecting books. If you are interested, here's our collection.
        • Of all the -isms, humanism appeals to me the most.

      Note: The initial K in my name stands for Kodamballi and it appears as part of my full name in some webpages and documents.
      K. C. Shashidhar,
      GRAIL Inc.,
      1525 O'Brien Drive,
      Menlo Park, CA 94025, USA.

      EMail: My GMail username is kc.shashidhar
      Photo by Harshita Rao, April 2011
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