KC's Driving School Lake Country Area

Students who will do their Behind the Wheel at Oconomowoc HS, Lake Country Lutheran HS, St John’s, and Pewaukee HS

  1. If you have not yet completed Online Classroom CLICK HERE otherwise continue to step 2.
  2. Complete our Behind the Wheel Course Registration CLICK HERE.
  3. Pay for the BTW Program using PayPal or VISA/MC.
    1. For student who took KC's Online Classroom Click HERE to pay
    2. If you took a different Online Classroom we will send you an invoice after we process your registration request.
  4. Complete this request FORM to prompt us to mail your form MV3001 or choose the option to meet up with an instructor to have the form signed.
    • If we mail your MV3001 Temps Application it will be within about 24 hours. You should receive it in a few business days.
  5. Take the form we sign (MV3001) to the DMV take the written test and get your Instruction Permit.
  6. Schedule your first BTW Lesson HERE
    • You MUST complete your first lesson within 60 days from the date we sign the MV3001 Temps Application
    • Students are allowed ONE lesson scheduled at a time. As soon as they complete that lesson they will schedule their next.