How to Purchase

I do not sell in in stores. I sell honey right where the honey is bottled. Please call for my exact address and I will open my store for you.

Purchase Steps

  • Check prices down this page.
  • Pickup your order by appointment.
    • Call or text to make an appointment.
    • OR text your order.
  • Send name, address, email and quantity for delivery.
    • $10 locally via Uber or $14 FedeX for distances.
    • PayPal invoice sent for deliveries.
  • To order online and ship, navigate down this page.

Jeffrey, Beekeeper & Owner

Overland Park, Kansas

My location is conveniently in a Johnson County residential neighborhood bordering a 43+ acre Conservation Trust along Indian Creek. We are surrounded by a natural landscape with a nature trail, pond, native forest land for the bees to find plenty of nectar. In reality, scientists tell me my bees can travel up to 4 miles in any direction for up to 80 square miles total area!

Current Prices:

FOR LOCAL DELIVERY call, text or email your order:

WITH name, address, email and quantity for delivery.

$10 to $14 delivery depending on location.

8 oz Wildflower Bear $5.00

22oz (1 pint) Wildflower Glass Jar $12.50

2 lbs Wildflower Squeeze Bottle $16.50

3 lbs (1 quart) Wildflower Glass Jar $24.00

5 lbs Wildflower Jug $40.00

Order & Ship

You will be transferred to Paypal once you pick your quantity and Add to Cart. Shipping is the same for either 5lbs or 10lbs.

Please remember to enter your phone number!