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Class Expectations

DESCRIPTION:  Our goal is to expose students to a variety of activities that focus on creating a potential for change in their personal fitness, to increase their knowledge and understanding of how they will benefit from regular exercise, and to increase the  student's awareness of all round wellness.  We will also explore the connection between PE and Health, two classes that are combined under the heading of "Wellness".

CLASSES: Wellness/PE classes are 40 minutes in duration and meet every other day in a 6 day rotation.

EXPECTATIONS: All students are required to attend class, to change up in appropriate clothing for class, to participate fully(unless medically excused)in every class, to exhibit a positive attitude and to demonstrate respect for others, to respond positively to class directions, to observe rules and principles of safety, and to not interfere with the learning of other students.

ATTIRE: All students are required to change up before and after class.  This means a separate change of clothes consisting of appropriate shorts, a t-shirt, sweatshirt,  wind pants, etc.  Sneakers must have laces and be tied securely (no loose laces, slip ons, or Velcro closures).   

LOCKER ROOM: Students have 3-5 minutes to change up before and after class.  If they are taking time beyond this duration, students will risk losing points from their grade for the day.  Behavior issues:  yelling, physical contact, throwing items, eating food, or use of obscene language will not be tolerated.   Any of these infractions will result in loss of locker room privileges.  For the 6th graders: 1st offense will be 2 weeks, the 2nd offense will be one full quarter and the 3rd offense will be the rest of the school year. The 7th graders will have two chances and 8th graders have just one chance.  This also carries over for students participating in sports after school which means loss of locker room privileges during practices.  All students must provide their own lock to use on the lockers that we provide.

CLASS EXCUSES:  If a student is sick a note from a parent or guardian is required.  For any long term medical issue (more than 1 full week) a note from a doctor is required.   Students are responsible for making up any required work from class.

PARTICIPATION:  Students are expected to participate in every class.  Any student that chooses not to participate in the class activity will be required to complete an alternative assignment so that they can receive partial credit for the class. Any student involved in any after school sport or activity must  fully participate in every class or risk missing a practice and/or game.  Changing up for class is part of the participation requirement.  In order to receive full participation points a student must change up and fully participate.

ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENT: Students must pass Wellness/PE to participate in any after school activity.

GRADING: These components make up a student's grade for Wellness/PE
  1. Class participation
  2. Class behavior
  3. Respect for other students
  4. Desire to improve and learn
  5. Completion of the fall and spring fitness assessments
  6. Completion of fitness goals
  7. Completion of other class assessments
Students are never graded on their athletic ability what so ever!


Student Highlight