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Week 1 Tech Stuff


First Tech Training

Where in the world are you??

Open Google Earth

Do you see the world on your computer?

1. Now find Kansas.
You can zoom in by double clicking on a spot or use the zoom and pan tools.

2. Now use the "fly to" search to find Kansas City Kansas Community College (KCKCC).
Add an icon to mark our building.
Put a title in the dialog box, write something in the description box, change the icon.

3. Find Allen Fieldhouse at the University of Kansas.
Use ground view to zoom in (drag the little gold man on the zoom tools and drop him in the spot you want to zoom in on).

Turn on 3D buildings in the left sidebar.
Use the street view to see a photographic view, use the building view to see it in SketchUp (you can zoom inside to see the basketball court).

4. Exit ground view.
Add an icon to mark Allen Fieldhouse.
Put a title in the dialog box, write something in the description box, change the icon.

5. Use the path tool to connect Allen Fieldhouse and KCKCC.
In the dialog box add a title, and use the style tab to change the color of the line.
Now go to the measurement tab and find out how many kilometers it is from Allen Fieldhouse to KCKCC, write this in the description.

6. Find your school.
Use the polygon tool to draw a square over the building.
Add a title, write something in the description, use style to change the color of the fill.

7. Go to Add on the top toolbar and create a folder.
Drag and drop the markers, paths, and polygons you have created to the folder.

8. Now save your map.
Click on the folder.
Go to File>Save>Save Place As and save the file to your computer.

9. Email the file you just saved to put "first Saturday" in the subject line and your name in the message.

10. You can also open the file in Google Earth by clicking on File>Open and clicking on the file in the browse window.

11. If you have more time, you can explore the Earth Gallery.