K-Circle College Quiz Festival

K-Circle College Quiz Festival - 2014

St. Francis College for Women, Begumpet

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Event Structure

The event consists of two quizzes:

1. The General Quiz by Prasanna Karmarkar and Lakshmi Josyula

2. The MELAS (Music/Entertainment/Literature/Arts/Sports) Quiz by Nitish Khadiya and Sarada Anne

There is no registration fee for the event.

Who can Participate

1. School Students

2. Students of Junior/Intermediate colleges

3. Students of undergraduate courses (B.A., B.Sc., Law, B.E., Medicine, etc.)

4. Students enrolled in Integrated Masters/PhD programs, born after July 26th 1990.

Please note that students enrolled in PG courses cannot participate.

Team Composition

Teams of 3 or less; cross-college teams permitted

For Further Details

1. Write to sameerdharur@gmail.com

2. Check https://www.facebook.com/events/1394096437479456/?fref=ts