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 April 22, 2017

Rama Subramanian and Pranav Mihir Kandada

1. In the 4th test match between India and England this year, held at Wankhade, while on commentary Sunil Gavaskar claimed, rather ironically, that there was only one Mumbaikar playing in this test match. Who was he referring to?

However, using Gavaskar’s own logic there was at least one more Mumbaikar who was part of the match. Who?

Jos Butler, Parthiv Patel

2. In an episode of “Storage Wars’’, which chronicles the lives of odd souls who bid on the contents of abandoned storage units, that aired in 2012, the protagonists had put down $800 for a storage locker. They later discovered a particular edition of the Chicago Tribune from over six decades ago inside it.

Reporters, in the past, had been dispatched to burn all copies of this edition soon after it was in circulation, but they were only partially successful. Quite a few of the 150,000 copies remain today; a half dozen of which can be found on eBay where they are can to fetch as much as $4000.

Why do these copies fetch such a hefty price?

Dewey Defeats Truman

3. The decision to bring about this change was taken after a meeting in Nagaur, Rajasthan held in March 2016. It was done with the intention to attract youth who weren’t comfortable with the traditional attire of this organization. However, overseas members were exempt from this as they had adopted this change long ago. The change was on show at the first major event be held on Vijayadasami.

What change, marking a radical departure in the organization’s century old history, is being talked about?

RSS Switching to Trousers from Knickers

4. Arthur Calwell was an Australian politician who served as Immigration Minister from 1945-49.

Calwell was a staunch advocate of the White Australia Policy: while Europeans were welcomed to Australia, Calwell attempt to deport many Malayan, Indochinese and Chinese wartime refugees, some of whom had married Australian citizens and started families in Australia.

Calwell is well known for a remark he made in Parliament in 1947, intended as a joke towards an error made in a case regarding two people whose surname was Wong, and at the expense of a liberal MP, Sir Thomas White. The surname “White” was apparently misinterpreted to be the colour white making his remark seem racial.

What was the remark, a pun on a proverb used to rebuke wrongful conduct as a response to another's transgression?

Two Wongs don't make a White

5. ‘Isn't It Romantic?’ is a 1948 film from Paramount Pictures.

It wasn’t received very well upon release and in the later years as well. Film critic Bosley Crowther wrote, “A formless and rambling musical, which looks as though it were made with at least a half dozen previous musical successes in mind.’’

Renowned film critic Leonard Maltin, on the other hand, wrote something that according to the Guinness Book of World Records is the shortest review ever given to a motion picture, in response to the film’s title.

What was the review?

“No” - In response to “Isn’t it Romantic?”

6. Earlier this year, Lucas Jackson, of the Reuters, had to climb about 900 steps to reach the top of this place, due to the fact that the elevator was under renovation. He carried a backpack and shoulder bag full of his gear, plus a step ladder after he obtained the permission of the US National Park Service.

Which place did Lucas Jackson climb on top to? What exactly did he do at the top, which when placed side by side with Stelios Varias’s act eight years prior to his, generated a lot of fervor?

Washington Monument, Photo of Inauguration of Trump/Obama

7. When the chairman of the Supreme Court-appointed committee of administrators that will supervise the BCCI till fresh elections are held, was asked about his role he said - "I look at it as a role of a ________, in the sense that to enable a smooth transition from the BCCI as it is today into the BCCI being run by an elected body. And to put in place structures, systems which will ensure that BCCI is run with transparency and accountability. It is going to be a very short and interim body and we are not long-term administrators “

Who is this and to what cricketing job is he comparing himself to?

Vinod Rai, Nightwatchman

8. The Symbol of Infinity denotes that this organization is prepared to do anything, to go to any lengths, for their customers. The blue pointer on the top represents the philosophy of the organization that is always looking for growth and newer directions. The key-hole represents safety and security. The chain indicates togetherness while the colors Red and Blue denote dynamism and solidity. 

Which company’s logo is being described here?

Andhra Bank

9. Marcus Bartley (1917 - 14 March 1993) was an Anglo-Indian cinematographer who played a key role in the success of many Indian films.

His most famous work is a film that released in the latter half of the 1950s. The moment he’s most remembered for is an evergreen song that was shot at Ennore near Madras at noon. The outdoor shooting lasted only for 10 to 15 seconds. Bartley created the illusion of _________ and the film was the first Indian film to do so. When it was revealed in interviews that the song was shot at noon, people were surprised as sunlight is a stark contrast to _________, which everyone associated with the song.

Which song are we talking about?

Lahiri Lahiri from Mayabazaar

10. During the development phase of this movie there was talk about the lead actor essaying a certain profession in the movie which would have seen his life come to a full circle of sorts. However since the character was that of someone in hiding and due to the fact that filming was to take place at many different locations, his profession was changed to that of an auto driver to give more flexibility to the director.

What was the original proposal for the character’s profession? Which movie is this, whose re-mastered version was released a few months ago?

Bus Conductor, Baashha

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