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March 18, 2017

Srini Kotamarthy

1. This variation of the popular delicacy is supposed to have originated in Bidar during the reign of the X Nawabs, who migrated to Hyderabad after one of the nawabs, Ghazanfur Jang married into the Asaf Jahi family.

It was served by the X nawabs to all of their subjects who came from Bidar to Hyderabad and stayed or visited their devdi or noble mansion.

After Operation Polo, some of their illustrious cooks set up their own stalls and introduced the it to the local populace of Hyderabad.

Id this variation which is always made from small cubes of buffalo meat.

Kalyani Biryani

2. After crossing Rajahmundry, River Godavari splits into two branches which are called X Godavari and Vasishta Godavari.

X is also the name for Microsoft windows typeface used to display Telugu script.

Id X


3. This art form developed in Seattle in the 1980s and 1990s, and particularly popularized by David Schomer who credits its development of microfoam, a chemical the mixture of two colloids two colloids: the crema, which is an emulsion  and  foam of air

Free pouring and etching are two types of this art form with "rosetta" or "fern” patterns dominant in the former and simple geometric shapes to complicated drawings, such as crosshatching, images of animals and flowers, and are generally performed in the latter type

The assessment of technical skills and creativity of professionals is based on 5 levels or grades, each with a different colour as indicated by the grading system logo: white, orange, green, red and black.

Id the art form and the professionals involved.

Latte Art and Baristas

X wanted to develop a a cheap and accessible solution for his peers. The introduction of the Y act of 1832 following the Murder act of 1752 enabled better access for professionals.

X started collaborating with Henry Vandyke Carter, son of an artist and skilled draughtsman, during the time they earned their degree at the University of London. The first version was released by John William Parker in London and was dedicated by X to Sir Benjamin Collins Brodie, 1st Baronet.

X objected to ascribing joint credits for Carter, though the latter’s illustrations were just about as crucial and noteworthy. X died of Small pox at the age of 34 and Carter joined the Indian Medical Service and moved to Bombay until 1888. 

Id the work commonly referred as X’s Y

Gray’s Anatomy

X and Y are styles that came to prominence in the 1950s and 1960s, among African-American men, most notably jazzmen. It became popular with beatniks, artists, and those who frequented the jazz scene and moved in literary and artistic circles.

Jazz trumpeters in particular preferred to sport X for the comfort it provided when using a trumpet and Jazz flute players sported Y for its comfort to place the flute.

What style statements?

Goatee and Soul Patch

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