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October 13, 2018
Pranav Mihir Kandada and Krishna Sumanth

1. Though now one of the most iconic representations in branding history, this logo which has been used by an entity to earn millions has an interesting origin. The entity was looking for something anti-authority and provocative which would be perfect to represent its nature. It is said that this particular logo was selected after a key individual in that entity was shown an image of something, which is much closer home for us. Thinking that what he was shown had the kind of never-ending energy that was exactly what he was looking for, the individual was immediately convinced to use a certain portion of this image. However, given the sexual connotations held by the logo, it's association with these origins might be a matter of controversy in India. What logo are we talking about? What was the key individual in the entity shown which inspired this logo?

Rolling Stones' iconic 'Tongue-And-Lips' logo.Mick Jagger was shown a picture of Goddess Kali.

2. Roger Squires is an individual known to be the most prolific in his field. He was employed in this job for around 40 years and yielded periodic output during the same. He claims that his job’s slogan should be  "Entertain by misleading” and this refers to an integral component of his job. One of his predecessors, who occupied this post a few decades before Roger received a lot of complaints, stating that his work wasn’t challenging enough. As a result, he was asked to increase the difficulty of the same. This increased difficulty meant that his output would be perfect to be used by a different group of individuals to serve a certain specific purpose of theirs. What was Roger Squires’ job? What did this other group of people use the output for?

Crossword Setter for the Daily Telegraph.
Bletchley Park used the first ‘harder’ puzzle of his to select the team for Enigma.

3. Lawrence Van Sertima is a herpetologist who’s also acted as himself in a couple of documentaries on  snakes. He himself has handled the animals his whole life, and has naturally been bitten a few times. The most notable incident in his life was from a little less than two decades ago, when he was he was bitten by a Taipan Snake (one of the most deadly in the world) on his thumb. The only anti-venom for this snake bite that was available in the country was in New York, and Lawrence – who was bitten in Miami – was barely hanging on. As a result of this desperate situation, the anti-venom was transported to Miami to New York in a certain way and this scenario was therefore given a unique distinction. How was the anti-venom transported to Miami? What unique distinction does this hold?

 It was taken by flight.
This was the only aeroplane that was allowed to take flight in the aftermath of 9/11 when the grounding order was in force.

4. ITwo nations, X and Y, have been plagued by confusion about their identities ever since their creation in the 1990s. This confusion arises due to their similar names, similar flags, and a similar history. The flags, first of all, are nearly identical - made up of horizontal stripes of red, blue, and white. The key difference is the crest - which, helpfully, is positioned on the left in both. The two countries are not even neighbours. In the American context, this confusion was increased due to a certain public figure’s wife being born in country Y and his ex-wife being born in a country which X was a part of. A popular myth is that embassies of both these countries in Washington meet every year to exchange mail. Earlier this year, the confusion reached its peak when the prime ministers of both countries resigned in the same week.  ID both the countries.

Slovenia and Slovakia

 5. X Y is a series of puzzle books,  The books consist of a series of detailed double-page spread illustrations depicting dozens or more people doing a variety of amusing things at a given location. The objective of the puzzle is given in the title of the books, XY. The original UK title of the series is different from the title adopted by the rest of the world. X Y, the american title, is the more famous one. In 2018, creative agency Redpepper created an AI robot which zeroes in and solves these puzzles with a sniper-like accuracy. The metal robotic arm is a Raspberry Pi-controlled uArm Swift Pro which is equipped with a Vision Camera Kit and uses google image search to fulfill the objective. This AI has been aptly named Z Y, and the name is in response to the question posed by the title of the puzzles. Give XY and ZY.

X Y - Where's Waldo?
Z Y - There's Waldo.

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