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May 04, 2019
Nitish Khadiya and EM Bhargava

1. The following folks have what unique achievement to their credit?

 - Meena Kumari 1963

- Mohd Rafi 1969

- Asha Bhonsle 1973

- Kishore Kumar 1985

- Alka Yagnik 1994

- Javed Akhtar 2005

Scored all the nominations in their respective categories at the Filmfare Awards

2. Luca Modric won the Ballon d’or recently.

A – Who was the last player NOT named Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi to win the Ballon d’or before Modric?

B – Luca Modric scored 3 goals in 2018. Who is the only other winner to score lesser goals than Modric in a calendar year?

A - Kaka in 2007, B - Lev Yashin (0 goals in 1963)

3. This was a 780-line, 12th century Latin comedic play that was described as one of the most influential and important of all the many pseudo-Ovidian productions concerning the "arts of love" in France and Spain.

Released in the form of a slim codex, this work was widely read throughout medieval Europe and was copied around, without a cover. Geoffrey Chaucer referenced it as” The Franklin’s tale” in his Canterbury Tales. The name of this work eventually gave rise to a work in the English language.

Which word?

Pamphlet. The play was called Pamphilus de amore (or, simply, Pamphilus) which gave rise to the word pamphlet

4. The mayor of Cremona, Italy closed down the cobblestone streets around the Museo del Violino for 5 weeks starting from the first week of January for a very ambitious project. The entire city was asked to not make any loud sounds. The ventilation and elevators of the museum’s auditorium were turned off. Electric bulbs were removed to stop electric buzzing sounds.

What was this project all about?

To digitally record the sound of Stradivarius’ violins. Scientists have predicted that due to wear and tear and aging all Stradivari violins, that were produced 500 years ago would soon start going silent. Hence the city of Cremona is trying to digitally record all the notes from a Strad violin. Any noise from outside sources would alter the recorded sound.

5. ArmaLite is an engineering company based out of Hollywood. They were founded as a division of Fairchild Engine and Airplane Corporation in 1954. Their first design for a product saw little use, but the 5th and 7th design were the first ones to go into production. Their 10th design was created for the US Army.

Which design of theirs hit the spot and became the most popular one?

15th and hence AR-15  (ArmaLite Rifle 15)

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