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December 08, 2018
Pankaj Rodey

1) Will Rogers was an American stage comedian, humourist, newspaper columnist. In 1900s, he got interested and gained significant expertise in ‘Trick Roping’, the rope tricks associated with the Cowboy culture. He also performed on stage on several occasions, roping in live horses.

His expertise in Cowboy rope tricks, gained him in print media a 2-word nickname. This 2-word phrase is a pun on an actual title that originated in 17th century England and was granted by British Royals for excellence in literature, and a part of the nickname comes from the word used for such Cowboy rope with a noose at one end.

What 2-word nickname was Will Rogers known by?

The rope being called ‘Lariat’, he was dubbed ‘Poet Lariat’, a pun on ‘Poet Laureate’.

2) In June 2018, in a European national capital, tourists were treated with a special tour to some places of historical significance in the city.

This guided tour was the latest manifestation of a cultural phenomenon in this region, that has, in past also included several art exhibitions, films, theatre performances and such guided tours.

Through this 3-hour tour, the visitors were seated in a specific iconic vintage car model.

Which city was this tour arranged? By what 4-lettered word, connected with this cultural phenomenon is this car model known?

Belgrade. The cultural phenomenon is the so called Yugo-nostalgia, the nostalgia of a united Yugoslavia.

Car brand was called ‘Yugo’, marketed as the Zastava Koral.

3) Kaliningrad Oblast is a Russian exclave on the Baltic Sea, located between Poland and Lithuania. 90% of _X_ found on earth comes from this area. This item is in huge demand worldwide with an annual demand exceeding $1 billion. This has also resulted in a thriving industry of illegal mining of this item in the region. Equipped with pumps and shovels and clad in swamp boots, thousands of men use pressurized water so that pieces of _X_ can float up without being damaged.

A flawless chunk of this item is worth more than its weight in gold and the cost can be significantly more if the mined item has ‘inclusions’.

Identify _X_

What are the ‘inclusions’ that fetch significantly higher price?

Amber. An insect or lizard trapped inside the fossilized tree resin sees the price rise significantly.

4) Chapter 12 (volume 1) of Karl Marx’s Magnum Opus ‘Das Capital’ makes several references to another book published in 1832. One such reference is this excerpt from that book:

“When the number of processes into which it is most advantageous to divide [a work] is ascertained, as well as the number of individuals to be employed, then all other manufactories which do not employ a direct multiple of this number will produce the article at a greater cost.... Hence arises one of the causes of the great size of manufacturing establishments.”

The author of this book, a 19th century polymath had significant influence on Marx, especially for his penetrating and original insights into the economic role played by technological change in the course of industrial development.

Name this author.

“On the Economy of Machinery and Manufactures” by Charles Babbage.

5) Following is the list of 11 official languages of South Africa. The names of blanked languages, X, Y, Z appear in the official English spelling of the names of 3 of South Africa’s neighboring countries.

Name these languages. Example: The name of ‘Bangla’ language appears in the official English spelling of ‘Bangladesh’

Afrikaans, English, Southern Ndebele, Tsonga, Venda Xhosa, Zulu, Northern _X_, Southern _X_, _Y_, _Z_.

X: Sotho (Lesotho), Y: Tswana (Botswana), Z: Swazi (Swaziland)

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