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July 15, 2017

Somak Ray

1. X is a party game (popular among the youth in India also) that was first designed by Dmitry Davidoff in 1986-87. The base of the game is a conflict between a minority and an uninformed majority. The game was designed by Davidoff to combine psychology research with his duties of teaching high school students.

The game X is also known by a name Y in certain countries which one would relate to the world of Harry Potter. The reason behind Y was that Y roam around as normal humans during the day.

There have been multiple studies done on the game including Game Theory and mathematical modelling. However, due to multitudes of variations, this game is highly difficult to model.

Give me X & Y

X - Mafia Y - Werewolf

2. CSBH (acronym) is an Argentinian sports club from Rafaela, Santa Fe Province. The club was founded in 1940 and is known primarily for basketball and football (locally only).

Globally, their only claim to fame is the name of the club which shares its name with a movie that has been made at least 5 times and has also been made into a mini-series.

What is the common name?


3. The Hungarian Grand Prix held in Hungaroring near Budapest is a classic F1 track with narrow twisty lanes and is a confirmed venue for F1 till 2026 which would mark the completion of 40 years from the first ever Hungarian GP.

The first Hungarian GP was considered a milestone achievement by Bernie Ecclestone. What unique distinction does the 1986 Hungarian GP have?

First F1 GP behind the iron curtain

4. This medical term gets its name from the fact that the first ever of its kind was derived from the dairy industry.

It has been since used to described anything of its kind, however, the term in itself is derived from the Latin word for cow/bull.

What is the term?

Vaccine from Vacca

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