Humor Me! Music, Memes, and GIFs

CLICK HERE to make a copy of the slides for this session.

Music Links (All gleaned from Music Cues: Class is Better with Music - Matt Vaudrey):
TV Theme Songs (free for teachers)
Free Play Music (Creative Common site for Music)
Seven Ways to Trigger a Music Cue (@MrVaudrey on Thinglink)
Musical Timer Chrome Extension

Meme and GIF Links:
GIFit! Chrome Extension
imgflip (Meme and GIF generator)
Mematic (iOS App - Free)
Search Pinterest and Google for specific Memes... dig a little but be specific in your query! 

Session Collaboration Objective: To create a "media pack" for each Google tool that includes:
  • at least one music cue or sound clip
  • at least one meme 
  • at least one GIF 
  • BONUS: a funny, appropriately matched video