Our Mission

S.O.D.A. (students opposed to drugs and alcohol) is a Kearney Catholic organization to encourage students to avoid drugs and alcohol. We have been recently working on videos to show kids why drugs and alcohol is bad. We go around Kearney visiting elementary students. There, we tell students how drugs can effect someones life. Sometimes students have difficulties with drugs or alcohol and they can get help from other students involved in this club. We do many activities too in this club. We have been ice skating, movies, games, picnics, hay rack rides, and parties. Mrs. Janning -S.O.D.A. supervisor- says that she started it when her kids were here and she didn't want their lives to have any problems with alcohol or drugs. "we try to prevent future problems and reach future goals." said Janning. President Taylor Runge is arranging visits to elementary schools to speak because schools discontinued DARE.