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King Country Hoiho Club established to rescue abused Hoiho within the Maori community and to mentor - educate - empower young people.
King Country Hoiho exists to provide a safe, positive environment for young people, that teaches them proper care and management of Hoiho and in turn nurturing their humanity and compassion for all living creatures
  1. School Holiday Programmes - King Country Hoiho Holiday Programme ki Kawhia Kids Horse and Pony Club. Managed by Bevan Taylor and his whanau. For years Bevan has used the Hoiho as a metaphor to explore kids attitudes. Outdoor activities for young people who need grounding, benefit from contact with his programme. In 2014 he established a new camping ground to accommodate an increase in numbers. A survival camp strategy that teaches young people to hunt, fish and prepare their own food, including integrated contact with treks, tramping. All these aspects combined, instills life values, independence, self awareness, self - respect, interpersonal relationships improved and care and respect for Hoiho. King Country Hoiho will use Bevans campsite for 5 days, and have created a programme that includes an introduction to "Basic Care and Management of Horses" Julia McCracken of Atkinson and Associates Vets Piopio. Daily management of horses on site, hiking, fishing, swimming and team bonding. The 5 day timetable allows aspects of Bevans outdoor activities including a talk from the local Kawhia constable, Mr Griff, inclusive of a mid week horse trek and a historical talk from a local .Watch the episode of Bevans adventure with youth on Maori Televisions Hoiho. Also on Facebook
  2. Weekend Programmes - King Country Hoiho Weekend follow-up of proper care and management of Hoiho. A weekend programme created to enable youth who attended the Kawhia Kids Horse and Pony Club to practice what they learned. The programme allows contact with horses, some who have been rescued and other farm horses. Some standard bred and thorough bred horses are included. The programme will take place on a local farm and supervision by Committee members, will ensure that (a) Horses are managed appropriately, (b) Young people feel safe in the environment, (c) Safety practices are met, (d) Parents are welcome to engage.
  3. Learning to Ride Before youth can ride they must be able to demonstrate correct handling and management of their horse. We are aware that their varying levels of skill amongst our youth participants. Appropriate horses will be used to address these skills.
  4. King Country Hoiho Youth Farm Trek - When our youth members are confident, and have their mentors are satisfied that they are ready, a farm trek is organized to test their ability to mange their Hoiho on farmland.
  5. Hoiho Rescue - King Country Our Club offers to rescue abused Hoiho within the King Country region. We aim to include our youth in the care and rehabilitation of these animals. We will implement a Hoiho adoption strategy for our youth. We will support Animal Welfare Officers such as those employed by SPCA, District Council to ensure appropriate outcomes for the abused animal and person(s) involved. Prosecution is not an option.
  6. After School Programmes - Support Hoiho adoption programmes, in a safe and nurturing environment. Monitoring youth in their pursuits and ensuring they have access to resources needed to continue necessary care of their Hoiho.
  7. Seasonal Drench Programmes - Members will be able to bring their Hoiho to drench programmes. Fees for this will be minimal since the club will purchase bulk product. A notice will be published on this website, our face book group page and local paper.
  8. King Country Hoiho Winter Holiday Programmes - Youth members who show an interest in furthering their riding skills will be given the opportunity to attend Pony Club meets, Rodeo events, Trotting Club days, Racing Industry excursions, Polocrosse and or Hunt club events.
To carry out our objectives, we have sought support from Waitomo District Council, to access unused land in our township, where we can establish a long term Club Base. They have been very supportive and have made a couple of offers. We are still in negotiation stages, and will update our progress going forward in to 2015.
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Why Should You Join  Our Club?

A safe environment for young people to learn proper care and management of their equine companions.

We promote and organize school holiday programmes for age groups. These programmes are tailored to apply horse care principles.

To support young participants we engage professional facilitators to conduct training sessions designed for target age groups.

We look at a generic and holistic approach and believe that young participants can develop self - esteem and respect for all living things.

Action Plan - King Country Holiday Programme ki Kawhia Kids Horse and Pony Club for Kids Monday
January 19 to Friday 23 January 2015 - Limit 20 kids aged 10 to 15
Survival Camp for kids includes an introduction to proper horse care and management, introduction to farrier work, safety for horse and rider when on public roads, trekking, camping, fishing, swimming, kayaking, tramping, camp food preparation and fun and games. Focus to improve self-esteem, self respect, interpersonal relationships with people, independence, confidence and respect for all animals.

Hoiho Maniapoto,
Mar 26, 2015, 12:19 PM