This is the website of the conference on K-theory, Cyclic Homology and Motives, in celebration of Weibel's 65th year. This conference will take place at in the CoRE Building next to the Department of Mathematics on Busch Campus of Rutgers University in New Jersey, from Wednesday August 19 to Saturday August 22, 2015.

Conference Poster

There will be a conference dinner on Friday night.


  • Anders Buch

  • Guillermo Cortiñas

  • Eric Friedlander

  • Christian Haesemeyer

  • Carlo Mazza

  • Alexander Merkurjev


  • Aravind Asok

  • Joseph Ayoub

  • Luca Barbieri-Viale

  • Jim Davis

  • Thomas Geisser

  • Teena Gerhardt

  • Max Karoubi

  • Moritz Kerz

  • Erik Pedersen

  • Claudio Pedrini

  • Pablo Peláez

  • Jonathan Rosenberg

  • Marco Schlichting

  • Mark E. Walker

  • Kirsten Wickelgren

  • Inna Zakharevich

Schedule of Talks (and abstracts)

NOTE: All talks will take place in the CoRE Building which is located next to the Mathematics Department (Hill Center).

Wednesday Aug 19th:

9:00 Erik Pedersen Algebraic K-Theory and Geometric Topology

10:00 Coffee and bagels

10:30 Kirsten Wickelgren A1-Milnor number

11:30 Jonathan Rosenberg K-theory isomorphisms and orientifold dualities

12:30 Lunch

2:00 Joseph Ayoub On the conservativity conjecture

3:00 Coffee

3:30 Aravind Asok Principal bundles in A^1-homotopy theory and applications

Thursday Aug 20th:

9:00 Guillermo Cortinas NK, KV, KH, HC and other stories. A personal anthology of Chuck's work.

10:00 Coffee and bagels

10:30 Mark Walker Adams operations for matrix factorizations and a conjecture of Hailong Dao

11:30 Teena Gerhardt K-Theory of Pointed Monoid Algebras

12:30 Lunch

2:00 Claudio Pedrini Bloch’s conjecture and valences of correspondences for K3 surfaces

3:00 Coffee

Friday Aug 21st:

9:00 Luca Barbieri-Viale Nori motives and the motivic topos.

10:00 Coffee

10:30 Inna Zakharevich An investigation of the annihilator of the Lefschetz motive

11:30 Jim Davis Influence of Farrell-Jones conjecture on algebraic K- and L-theory

12:30 Lunch

2:00 Marco Schlichting Homology stability of SL_n and a conjecture of Bass

3:00 Coffee

3:30 Thomas Geisser Duality for Varieties over Global Fields

5:30-7:30 Banquet in Busch Faculty Lunch Building

Saturday Aug 22nd:

9:00 Pablo Pelaez On the additive higher Chow groups

10:00 Coffee and bagels

10:30 Moritz Kerz K-theory of non-Archimedean algebras and spaces

11:30 Max Karoubi The Witt group of real algebraic varieties (joint work with C. Weibel)


The Department of Mathematics of Rutgers University is located in the Hill Center on Busch Campus, close to New Brunswick (directions).

The conference talks will be delivered in the Fiber Optics Auditorium in the CoRE (Computing Research and Education) Building which is located next to the Mathematics Department (printable maps).

Busch Campus is a short drive from New Brunswick. This distance is covered by free Campus Buses (see Summer 1, Summer 2, Schedule, and nextbus.com).


On the days of the conference you can park (without permit) in Lot 64, Lot 60A, or Lot 53A. (Just avoid the very few parking spots with meters.)


Unless you have applied for and obtained support, no registration is required for this conference, and you should arrange your own accommodation. The most convenient local hotels are:

Hyatt Regency (732-873-1234)

Located in New Brunswick and will provide a free shuttle to the CoRE Building on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. The bus will depart from the Hyatt Regency at 8:25 AM and arrive at the CoRE Building at 8:45 AM. In the afternoons the shuttle provides transportation back to the Hyatt Regency. On Wednesday and Friday the shuttle leaves the CoRE Building at 4:45 PM, and on Thursday it leaves at 5:30 PM.

Saturday: The shuttle will NOT run on Saturday. Many people at the Hyatt have cars. Please ask for a ride. If you have a car, please try to fill it up on Saturday morning!

The Heldrich (732-729-4670)

Located in New Brunswick, but does not provide a shuttle.

You can walk (10 mins) to the Somerset Street Bus Stop close to the New Brunswick Train Station and take the Summer 1 bus to the Hill Center. If you take this bus at 8:36 AM, then you should arrive at the Hill Center at 8:45 AM.

Saturday: The Campus Bus does not start untill 10 AM and has a very slow schedule. Please ask for a ride from somebody staying at Hyatt Regency.

Holiday Inn Somerset (732-356-1700)

Located in Somerset and provides a free shuttle to the CoRE Building.

To make a reservation, call 888-465-4329 and ask for the Rutgers University rate ($83 per night plus tax).

Please let the front desk know if you wish to use the shuttle when you check in.

The shuttle will leave from Holiday Inn at 8:15 AM each day of the conference. In the afternoons the shuttle provides transportation back to the hotel, leaving from the CoRE Building at 4:45 PM (Wednesday), 3:45 PM (Thursday), 4:45 PM (Friday), and 12:45 PM (Saturday).

University Inn & Conference Center (732-932-9144)

Located at Cook/Douglass Campus, but does not provide a shuttle.

The Campus Bus stops at Katzenbach Hall which is a short walk from University Inn. If you take the Summer 1 bus at 8:14 AM, then you should arrive at the Hill Center by 8:45 AM.

Saturday: The Campus Bus does not start untill 10 AM and has a very slow schedule. We will try to arrange a few cars to pick people up from University Inn at 8:15 AM.


If you are unable to get a ride, you can take a taxi for around $15. All Brunswick Taxi has phone number 732-545-0900. On Saturday we will reimburse taxi rides between the hotels and the CoRE Building (you have to submit a yellow reimbursement form, original receipt is required, and it may take some time before the reimbursement check reaches you).

Application for support

We have limited funds available to support participants. Please use our online application form if you wish to apply for support.


We gratefully acknowledge support for this conference provided by NSF grant DMS-1505539.