Piping & Instrument Diagram


The successful conversion of a conceptual idea into actual execution of process industry is the basic aim of any process engineer. Normally a project passes through various phases viz. basic engineering, detail engineering, equipment fabrication, erection, etc. The conceptual idea, either from the process development cell or from marketing engineer is converted to executable documents during basic engineering.

Piping & Instrument Diagram (P & ID) is one of the important basic engineering documents in the form of drawing, which truly represents the process plant. It shows pipelines interconnecting all equipment, instruments, control systems, etc.

Since detail engineering work for any process plant depends more on the P & ID, its correctness and completeness is very much essential. Any wrong information provided in the P & ID at the initial stage may lead to a big disaster or may entail heavy expenses later. Hence, great attention is required for the preparation of error free P & ID. Good quality P & ID may drastically cut the engineering manhour requirement for the successful completion of the project.

Typical Example of P & ID

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