Recommended books

And of course:
Donald Knuth's serials of "The Art of Computer Programming"


Useful little tools

FreeMind An free tool for organizing your mind.

FreeCommander A free tool for explorer your files

NotePad++ A lightweight editor but powerful, just like vi& emacs.

SourceMonitor a tool that measures and records source code metrics.

rsync an open source utility that provides fast incremental file transfer


Sample mind created by FreeMind

ms products vs. free/open projects

  • os
    • windows
    • *nux
      • freebsd
      • linux
  • document
    • for edition
      • office bundle with open XML
      • open office budle with open document
    • for publish
      • XPS
      • PDF
  • develop
    • dev tools
      • eclipse
      • netbeans
    • language
      • c#,,j#,f#...
      • java,groov,python,perl,jython,php,ruby,ml,schema,lisp...
    • process
      • team system(whitehorse,System Definition Model (SDM))
      • eclipse TPTP,eclipse EMF,bugzilla,ant,subversion,maven
    • o/r mapping
      • linq(c# 3.0),typed dataset
      • hibernate,active record,...
  • graphic
    • microsoft expression,microsoft max
    • photoshop,dreamweaver,picasa
  • content management
    • Sharepoint
    • openCMS,zope,...
  • services on web
    • msn,search,academic,hotmail,adcenter,virtual earth

      google,yahoo,ebay,gmail,googel finance,google trend,google notebook,orkut,google analystic,google earth,google map,google scholar...

  • instant message
    • msn/live messenger
    • qq,yahoo messenger,google talk,skype