My codes

these codes just for tutors, not for commercial usage and with no guarantee of any support.


tool for vector graph drawing

tool for chinese word segmentation(a java wrapper of ICTCLAS)

documents for development(In chinese)

tool for vector graph drawing

please see

for documentation, see "documents for development".

tool for chinese word segmentation

The wrapper is a simple java class plus a DLL library(target platform-windows). see usage in the java source. Copy rights following ICTCLAS.

the java class:

the compiled DLL: WordSegDll.dll (tested on windows 2000 and windows xp, I can't unveil the codes because of the copyrights issue. You can find major source and dictionary data on  ICTCLAS site.)

other documents for development

all are before 2002

实现带有用户身份验证的文件传输Web Service

VC实现小型矢量图形系统的开发 此文提到的系统已作为开源项目放在 共创联盟上了

使用J2EE建立基于XML的网络服务 翻译

Delphi 6 XML Mapper的使用