Gigabit Education: Bridging the Digital Divide

Collaborative Community Open Course Development Team

The KC Gigabit Education project is inspired by the Google Fiber implementation in Kansas City.  We are a community based project, collaborating with area universities, community colleges, high schools and nonprofit organizations, to develop examples of extraordinary education on the Google Fiber Gigabit Network.

Our goal is High-Speed demonstration online courses for the Google Fiber Network in Kansas City.

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The project is comprised of three levels of organization:

Administrative Advisory Group

Feedback and Review Group

Instructional Design and Production Team

See a full list of organizations and institutions involved in the project.

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Next Meeting Tuesday 3:30PM Central

Invitations are extended to individuals who have joined the Gigabit Education Group JOIN  We recommend that you add us to your Google+ Account and test the Hangout on your computer, prior to the next session.

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