Involve Your Company

How your company can get involved

  • Support us
  • Donate from your sales/services
  • Hold a corporate fundraising event
  • Payroll giving
  • Sponsor us


There are many sponsorship opportunities for your company

  • You can sponsor a fundraising event such as a ball or a luncheon river or canal cruise. You can sponsor some aspects of the event such as the catering, the wine or the flower arrangements rather than the entire event
  • You can sponsor particular projects
  • You can sponsor particular services
  • You can sponsor some of our publications


Donate from your sales/services

You can donate a percentage of the sales price of your product or service to our charity. For example, a restaurant based in the Kensington and Chelsea area can donate 10% of all sales to us on one Monday a month - Mondays being the slowest day of the week for restaurants, this should boost your sales.

Hold a corporate fundraising event

You can organise your own event such as an office party and send us donations and money collected for auctions and raffles held at the event.

Payroll giving

You can organise a percentage of your staff's payroll to be given to our charity.

What's in it for your business

  • Your company profile is enhanced as a socially responsible business.
  • You can increase customer loyalty.
  • You can increase staff motivation and loyalty.