We work in partnership with the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and NHS Kensington and Chelsea on the Older Citizens Shaping the Future Project. 
Our Aims

The aims of the Kensington and Chelsea Forum for Older Residents are to relieve elderly persons in Kensington and Chelsea and other London boroughs who are in need by reason of isolation, their financial circumstances, physical or mental health and by providing a framework of support for older people to help them remain healthy and independent. 

What do we do?

. We hold public meetings on a range of topics with expert speakers and organise events on government policies.
. We lobby on many local issues such as health and social care in the community, education, and leisure.
. We work in partnership with our Council and NHS on service planning and delivery.
. We take part in local community events. 

Our History

The Kensington and Chelsea Forum for Older Residents was established in 1996 to create an environment in which older people are active partners in the decisions that affect their lives. It has become the largest independent Forum for the over 50s in Kensington and Chelsea. Run by volunteers dedicated to improving the quality of life for older people. 

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