Kona Community Cultural and Educational Foundation Inc.  
A Hawaii non-profit 501c3 Corporation

Executive Statement

Throughout the course of human events, mankind's impacts on the environment have stressed the carrying capacity of many of our natural wonders, thus ruining the essence of why we love and enjoy areas such as the Keauhou Kona Coast. Experience has informed us that the only hope for a better future is through education. It is therefore the responsibility of this generation to prepare our sons and daughters for what lies ahead.......

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Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Foundation to promote and enhance educational knowledge and awareness in the areas of: environmental conservation, marine preservation, historical and cultural awareness, and ethical behavior.


Cultural / Educational Program Descriptions

KCCEF  offers comprehensive educational  experiences beyond the 

classroom by providing experiential, hands on learning opportunities. 

Programs include:


                    1.   Boating  and ocean recreation operations and safety programs.

                    2.   Marine biology and ecosystems studies.

                      3.   Conservation and preservation concepts

                      4.   Stewardship and ethical behavior of marine and land ecosystems

                      5.   Blue water plankton and food chain studies

                      6.   Awareness  of  historical and cultural resources            

                      7.   Whale and cetacean identification studies

                      8.   Open forum Q & A sessions– Identify pressing community issues: e.g. global warming, greenhouse gasses, coral bleaching, pollution, natural disasters, climate changes, oil spill and immediate response procedures and seminars.




Anticipated Partnerships:

Hawaii DLNR - Boating and Ocean Recreation Dept

Unites States Coast Guard

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Hawaiian Public and Private Schools

National Marine fisheries

National Whale Sanctuaries

Local Civic Groups

For information regarding educational tours-

Patrick Cunningham : 808-938-0101

or kccef@gmail.com

Marine mammal photos credit: NOAA

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