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League Rules

KCC Basketball Rules


  1. We will follow the IHSAA basketball rules for 2014 with modifications listed below.
    1. Game length will be two (2) 20:00 minute halves with a five (5) minute halftime.
    2. Time will be on a continuously running clock except for the last two (2) minutes of the second half.  During the last two (2) minutes the clock will stop on all dead balls and whistles.
    3. Each team will have two (2) timeouts per half and timeouts cannot be carried over.


  1. Overtime, if score is tied after regulation, will be five (5) minutes long.  Time will be continuosly running until last two (2) minutes then clock will stop on all dead balls and whistles.
    1. Each team will have one (1) timeout.
    2. All fouls will result in a one and one until team reachs 10 team fouls, then double bonus will take effect and team will shoot two (2) free throws.
    3. This overtime structure will repeat until score is no longer tied at the end of the overtime period. 


  1. To eliminate unnecessary fouls at the end of the game and to prevent teams from fouling out players we have added the following rule to the end of the second half. In the last five (5) minutes of the second half all fouls for teams who have less than 10 team fouls will shoot one and one.  After a team reaches 10 total team fouls then the double bonus will take effect and the teams will shoot two (2) free throws. 


  1. This league is intended to have fun and to meet new brothers in Christ.  With that in mind please note the following rules regarding attitude and actions.

                                                              i.      First offense a warning to the team captain and player

                                                            ii.      Second offense will be a technical foul against the player

                                                          iii.      Third and final will be player ejected from game


We are all aware that everyone wants to win however, this is a Christian league and we need go above and beyond to make sure we are controlling our attitudes.

    1. Any swearing or use of inappropriate language will result in the following:

                                                              i.      First offense will be a technical foul against the player

                                                            ii.      Second will result in player ejected from game


  1. We also need to keep in mind the purpose of the league in regards to physical play.  We all know this is basketball but any intentional physical moves towards another player will result in immediate ejection and possible suspension for future games or from the league.


  1. If a player is not on a roster they will not be allowed to play in the playoffs


  1. A player must play in four (4) regular season games to be eligible for playoffs

We just ask that we all remember who we are serving and what our purpose is for this league.  If we keep that in mind we should have a great season.