Welcome to my website! On this site you can find information about some of my Commodore 64 related projects.

Click on a project name below to read more about that project or download the binaries.

These projects can be found on this website:

A Gamebase collection of all intros found at http://intros.c64.org. Currently

the collection has 9350 entries, but it is still in development, so expect an update soon!

A script that reorganizes the intros package offered at http://intros.c64.org for easy browsing with a 1541 Ultimate cartridge.

The manual covering the installation and usage of the GameBase64 Collection. The manual can be read online and downloaded for printing your own booklet.

A set of scripts that integrates OpenCBM in the GameBase frontend. With OpenCBM, C64 file archives (like D64 files) can be written to real floppies using a Windows PC and a connected Commodore floppy drive.

GBXfer adds this feature to GameBase. Select the game you want to play, right click the Play Game button and choose "Transfer to real floppy". The selected game will automatically be transferred to a real 5.25" floppy for playing that game on real hardware.

A GameBase collection containing all kinds of Commodore 64 software except games and demos.

Games and demos are already covered in The GameBase Collection and DemoBase C64. APPSnTOOLSbase64 is the collection of Commodore 64 software for the serious Commodore user!