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Official Pages
Dee Henderson - Author of the "O'Malley Series"
Don Brown - Author of the "Navy Justice Series"
Greg Grunberg - Eric Weiss of "Alias" and Matt Parkman of "Heroes"
keith urban - Country singer [my favorite!]
Michael W. Smith - Christian Singer
Nicholas Sparks - Author of "The Notebook"
Rebecca St. James - Christian Singer
Rissi Palmer - Singer of "Country Girl"
William deVry - played Joshua Doors on "EFC"

Fandom Meta
Directorium - Directory of Fannish Sites
E-Fanzine - Fanzine Directory
Fanfictionary - Fanfiction Dictionary
Fanhistory - Fandom Wiki

Cat with Bow Golf
Lego Digital Designer - Virtual Building
Panda Bounce
Pinch Hitter

NCHE - North Carolinians for Home Education

Baby Got Bible
Cthuugle - Search
How Many of Me -
Eliza - The PsychBot
Foamy - iLLWill Press - Caution - LANGUAGE
Museum of Hoaxes - Snopes-esque site
Random Kitten Generator - Random Kitten Picture
Stuff on my Cat - humorous picture site, just what it says!

Journaling Sites [and my profiles]
Blogspot - My Profile
Blurty - My Profile
Deadjournal - My Profile
Diaryland - My Profile
Greatestjournal - My Profile
Insanejournal - My Profile
Journalfen - My Profile
Livejournal - My Profile
Lostjournal - My Profile
Multiply - My Profile
Twitter - My Profile
Vox - My Profile
Wordpress - My Profile
Xanga - My Profile

Brio Magazine - Cool site for preteens!
Kids Bank - A site where kids learn about the bank/money
Name the States in 10 Minutes - See if you can!

Livejournal Tools
Card Generator
Find an LJ User
Icon Table Generator
LJ Seek

The Knot.com - Great Wedding Planning Tips
The Nest.com -
The Marriage Bed
The Generous Wife
The Generous Husband

Cowboy Lyrics - Find country lyrics online!
Doll Maker - eLouai's
GMAC's Driving Test - Test your skills!
GodTube - Christian Youtube
Internet Archive - Find a page from long ago!
Let's Say Thanks - Send a Card to a soldier!
Oh my God! There's an Axe in my Head - See it to believe it!
TV Shows on DVD - Find out what's next!
Wallpaper Resource - Some great wallpapers for you!

Pandora Radio

Political Pages
Ann Coulter -
Bad Eagle
Conservapedia -
For Conservative Fans -

Menus4Mom - plans a week's worth of meals

Bath and Body Works -
Becky's Kitchen - Cookie mixes and candles and more!
Cafepress -
Cat PJ's -
Silver Jewelry Club - Jewelry for the cost of shipping!

Day By Day -
Elf Only Inn -
Irregular Comic -
Sev Space -
Two Lumps -

Webpage Resources
Stat Counter - Create a counter for your webpage.

World of Warcraft
Death Knight Builds Dot Com - Builds for DKs
Death Knight Compendium - By the Elitist Jerks
Druid's Grove - Site for druids of all specs
Maintankadin - a site for Paladin Tanks
Warlock's Den - A site full of info for warlocks
Wowhead - Best site for quest help
Wowwiki - Best central site for finding WoW info [includes links to wowhead, thottbot, and alakazam]

DailyLit - Read Books online or via Email
Drabble-o-matic -
Faithwriters - Home for Christian Writers
Gather.com - First Chapters
Goodreads - Share commendations/reviews of books
LibraryThing - Catalog your books online
NaNoWriMo - National Novel Writing Month
Postcrossing - Receive Postcards from around the world!
Zokutou Word Meter - To Count your words written!