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** indicates a link that has not been updated recently [within the last year].

General/Favorite Links
Amy's Space
A Wanderer's Haven - My SIL's site.  Go check it out!
Fanworks Finder - Find fandom stuff online!
Flixster - username is kburne1, feel free to friend me if you know me.
Lindethiel's Site - Another of my SILs made a website!  Check it out!
Goodreads - my username is kburne1, feel free to friend me!
Ramdonomo's Corner of the World

Fan Fiction and other Fandom Links
24 fanfiction dot com
24 Floss - message board dedicated to 24
Penetrating Gaze - Dedicated to Aaron Pierce

Alias Fannesite - A little bit of everything
Alias Links Database - [most are defunct however]**
Alias Media
All Alias - Message Board
Breathe Deeply - A S/V website**
Carries's Fic - author of several Alias stories
Cover Me - A fic list from the old cover me - links should still work**
Creative Wonderland
Expect the Unexpected - A Sweiss Archive **
Festival of Fic - 2004 [with links to previous]**
I Shall Believe - Fanfiction by Jude**
Jen Fans
Brief Encounter - the Fan Fiction of laras_dice**
Rez's Alias Fan Fiction **
The Safe House - Home of the Vartan Hos
Sarkgasm Forum - Random Message Board
Serenades - a Jack/Irina Archive**

Andromeda Archive **
Andromeda Fic by Tiffany Park**
Dylan/Beka Archive **
Enigma - A Trance Gemini Website**
Jeff's Andromeda Fan Fiction - small collection

BonesFic - Bones Archive

Crossover Fan Fiction Archive
Palantir Crossroads - Star Trek and LotR
SG-Crossover - SG1 and Atlantis Crossovers

Earth: Final Conflict
Jedielfqueen's Fan Fiction - A few stories**
Kaarpaaj **
The Last Requiem - a novel length fic
Mya's Webpage - Just a few fics here**
Seven's Board
Seven's Realm **
Spherites Fanfiction Archive **
Sui Generis' Site
The Taelon Synod - a Message Board
T'than and Cadence Site -

Best of Rayne - The 2006 Nominees and Winners
Better in Red - A Rayne Archive
Can't Take the Sky - Screencapture Archive
Fireflight **
Firefly's Glow Archive
Firefly Fans Dot Net
Forecast: Rayne - An archive dedicated to the Jayne/River pairing.
The Serenity Chronicles **
Wh0a. Good Myth.  - Great Resource site for transcripts**

Harry Potter
Fiction Alley
Ginny Potter - Site and Archive dedicated to Harry/Ginny
Harry Potter Fan Fiction
Hidden Tower
Phoenix Song
Werewolf Registry - an archive focusing on Remus Lupin

9th Wonders -
Heroes Media -
Heroes TV -
Heroes Wiki -

House MD
Addicted - A House/Cuddy Fan Site
House Fan Fiction Archive

Law and Order: Special Victims Unit
Munchagogue Reformed
SVU Fan Fiction

Lord of the Rings
Henneth Annun
The Mellon Chronicles -** No longer accepting submissions.  Will remain online.
Naice a Nilme - SlashFREE archive w/ the friendship of Aragorn and Legolas
Stories of Arda
Memoirs of the Shire - Not updated recently**
West of the Moon - Contains some slash - but is MARKED.

Miscellaneous Fandoms
Tales from the Tavern - Early Edition Fan Fiction**

Multi-Fandom Archives
Angels in the Dark - And, Hercules, X-Men**
Angst N Romance - Alias, SGA, House, Pretender, more [some NC-17]
Beautiful Addictions - Pretender, CSI, Nip/Tuck, Profiler, more**
Brynn Mck's Stories - Alias, Firefly, BSG, Buffy
Crafty Monkey - Multifandom Screen Captures
Data Annex - Quite a few different genres here**
Diamond's Mayhem - ST:Voyager and Pretender**
Donna Lynn's Dark Angels Archive - EFC, JAG, Firefly, SW, SGA, SG1, more
Erin Cale's Fan Fiction - And, Voyager, Buffy, Dark Angel**
Fanfic 101 - Multiple [stories by Celli, JenC, Jayne]**
Fanfiction by Nicky - Pretender, XF, more**
Fern's Humongous Bighead Site - HP, Star Wars, LotR
Firecatt's Den - Sentinel, more**
Gateview - SG1, Atlantis, House
Glass Onion - 24, Alias, FF, Sentinel, Potc, tons more [does contain some slash]**
Idea No. 8 - And, Farscape, Angel, Buffy, more**
Jackee's Corner - XF and SW**
Jade and Dreamstar's Fan Fiction - Firefly, Harry Potter, ST Voyager, more**
Leave Me White - a Great general screen capture archive
Meant for Each Other - Pretender, JAG, Star Trek, more
Mightier Than the Sword - Massive Multifandom Assortment
Mystical Sanctuary - ER, Pretender, FK, more**
Nanda's Lament - Alias, SG1, Voyager, Matrix, X-Files
Place of Our Legacy - SG1 and Star Wars**
Poohmusing's Scribbles - Alias, BSG, SG1
Pretender HQ - Mostly Pretender, Crossovers, Roswell**
Scifi Minds - EFC, Andromeda, SG1, SGA, SW, Star Trek, X-Files, more - Multitude of Screen Captures
Shadowcat Archives - HUGE assortment!!
Sheshat's Online Library - And, Sentinel, SG1, Voyager, more**
Singularity - Fan Fiction by Luna [Alias, SGA, HP, PotC, VM, DW, BSG]
Uniquely Oddball - EFC, Andromeda, SW, more**
Waystation: Fanfic - DS, EFC, Highlander, TS, SG1, more**
Writer's Haven - FK, B5, Highlander, EFC, TS, HP, more**
Yahtzee's Archive - Alias, ST, SW, BtVS, more

Pirates of the Caribbean
Black Pearl Tales -

The Practice
The Practice Fan Fiction **
The Practice Fan Fiction Archive **

The Pretender
24's Pretender Page [A bit ad heavy]
Amber's Fan Fiction - **
Angel's Haven - **
The Blue Files - **
Collection - a Small collection of Pretender Stories**
Defender of the Little People - Mostly angsty character death fics**
Elliot Silver's Pretender Fan Fiction -
Hope and Joy - The New Parker Legacy**
KB's Fan fiction -
Maestra's Musings at Pretenderville -**
Missing Pieces -
Pretender Fanfiction.Net [Not on]**
Pretender Shippers Archive - Jarod/MP fic**
Project Silence -**
Stories - a Small Fan Fiction Site**

I have elected not to list all the TS sites out there as the Gen FanFic Links site below takes care of that for me!
Cascade Library -
Gen Fan Fiction Links

Star Trek
AUSXIP - Trek Fan Fiction**
Best of Trek Fan Fiction -**
J/C Story Index - for Janeway/Chakotay fans**
Trek Fan Fiction -
Trek Writers Guild -

Star Wars
[very few of these are recently updated]
Early Years Archive **
Jedi Child's Spaceport -
Jedi Library -
Liz's Fan Ficatorium - No longer updated but stories remain**
Master's Pathway **
Padawan Journals **
Power of Qui-Gon **
Qui-Gon Online **
Sagajournal -
Star Wars Chicks Fanfiction Archive **
Star Wars Stamp - USPS

Stargate SG-1
2007 Stargate Fan Awards - The Awards Site.
All Daniel Fic - New Daniel fic site
Alpha Gate -
The Bookcase -
Celtic Mysts -
The Chronicles -
The Comfort Zone - SG1 Hurt/Comfort
Dan and Jan Fanfiction Archive - **
Daniel's Diaries by Scribe
Daniel Fic - a listing of Daniel fic writers
Daniel/Janet Challenge Archive -
Daniel/Vala Archive - For Daniel/Vala Fans
First Day at the SGC - Chronicling First Days on the Job
Frasier Jackson's Website - **
Gateworld Fan Fiction -
Heliopolis - links to 3 sub sites [gen/adult/atlantis]
JackFic -
JoaG's Stargate Stories -
Literati Wannabe -
OXBastetXO's DHD - Becky's SG1 stories**
Sam and Jack Dot Net - **
Sassy's Stargate Adventures -
Stargate Caps - SG1 and Atlantis Screencap Archive
StargateFan -
Stargate Novel Archive - **
Stargate Translations -
Statistical Outliers - Daniel/Sam Archive ** Closed to New Submission
Sunrise's Stargate Page -
The Tablet -**

Stargate: Atlantis
Affinity - Sheppard/Weir
Atlantica - Great Resource for Atlantis
Command Dynamics - Sheppard/Weir Archive
The Jumper Bay - Gen Fic for Atlantis
McWeir - McKay/Weir Shippers
Stargate Caps - SG1 and Atlantis Screencap Archive
Watergate - [Site includes some slash]
Wraithbait -
Wraithfodder's Lair -

Keeping the Faith - No longer updated**
X-Files Screen Grab - A Great resource for screen captures
XF Roadrunners - Another great resource for captures

Unofficial Actor Pages/Fanlistings
Greg Grunberg Fan Listing
Matt/Audrey Fanlisting
Matt Parkman Fanlisting

Writing Resources
Bones Episode Transcripts - Useful for the Bones Writer!
Resources for Medical Writing

Note: I have made this list for fans to easier find stories.  However, I do not knowingly link or feature stories that have a majority of slash or adult fan fiction on them.  I even note if a site contains any slash that I see if it is a small amount.  What you look at and view is YOUR responsibility.  Though I would appreciate a note if you do find a slash or adult site among these links so I may remove it.