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5/4/2009 - apparently my hosting site was hacked.  Fan fiction will be back up as soon as we can resolve it.  Thank you for your patience.

    9/18/07 - Added Part 4 of "Worlds Collide Fantastically" [Harry     
                         Potter, Fantastic Four Crossover].  Added an X-Men Page
                         and my first X-Men fic, "Homework Help".  Also added 
                         "Made to Love" and "To Defend and Protect" - both
                         X-Men/Heroes Crossovers.

    9/15/07 - Added Two Firefly Ficlets "No! No!! No!!!" and "Happy                             Birthday to Me"; Added "Together Again" to RPG Stories
                        and Part 4 of "Twisted" to Lord of the Rings.

    8/29/07 - Added the EFC drabble "In the End", and the LotR        
                         drabbled "Second Breakfast" and added "Goodbyes" to   

                    Alias, Heroes, and Crossovers.

    8/23/07 - Added "The End or the Beginning" to the EFC section.

    8/21/07 - Added "Broken Little Girl" to Firefly and "To Fly Free" to
                         the Pretender section and "Peace, Love and
                         Understanding" to Alias.

    8/20/07 - Added "What Might Have Been" to Heroes

    7/31/07 - Added "Love in the Real World" to Harry Potter.  "Angel                         Boy" added to EFC, Crossovers and TBAA page added.




A Boy Named Sue Part 2 [Firefly]

Sacrificial Memories 2 [Stargate Atlantis]

Pirates of the Caribbean 3 story 



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