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Kara B. has been writing in fandom for a number of years.  She started out reading fic in the X-Files fandom in 1999, but quickly became a well known author in the Earth:Final Conflict fandom.  She won several awards in 2001/2002 for fan fiction she wrote in that fandom at The Philosophy Sphere as well as Seven's EFC board. 

After the series ended, the Earth: Final Conflict fandom, for all intents and purposes died.  However, it was at that time that Kara got interested in the series Alias and began writing stories in that universe.  She became fairly well known in that arena as well and still writes some in the fandom today, though her main focus in the Alias fic is her self-created Alternate Universe [See Fanonverse].

Kara has also written fic in a smattering of other series such as Firefly, House MD, and Stargate Atlantis.  She is currently working on several stories in those genres as well as a couple of crossovers between some series.  See the archive for a current list of her fan fiction.

Her favorite ships include: Eric/Arica [Fanonverse]; Eric/Sydney [Alias]; Eric/Nadia [Alias]; Sheppard/Weir [Stargate Atlantis]; Wash/Zoe [Firefly]; Mal/Inara [Firefly]; Jayne/River [Firefly]; Booth/Brennan [Bones]; House/Cuddy [House MD]; Sheppard/Cuddy [Stargate Atlantis/House MD]; John Munch/Helen of Troy [RPG]; Edmond Dantes/Liya Vicuska [RPG]; and Luc/Tru [Tru Calling].

Besides writing and roleplaying, Kara's other hobbies include: cuddling with her husband, reading tons of books and playing World of Warcraft.

 In June, her son was born and she's now a happy [but sometimes frazzled] stay at home mom :)