Since Aristotle, evidence has demonstrated that people’s beliefs, attitudes and actions are influenced and shaped not only through logos, or the content of what is said and argued, but also through ethos, the character of the speaker. Being successful in establishing one's ethos and destroying ethos of rivals resulted in many turning points in politics such as when Donald Tusk, according to many experts, knocked down Jarosław Kaczyński during the TV debate in the 2007 parliamentary elections:

Tusk to Kaczyński: Prime Minister, I am sorry to say, but it seems like you haven't been properly prepared in the topic of healthcare, because the taxes constitute 99% of the budget of the National Health Service. (...) And the second question: three million of new flats. Please look me in the eyes now and tell people where are these flats?

The EthAn project aims to deliver an empirically driven theory transforming our understanding of ethotic communicative structures and to develop innovative technology allowing for automatic processing of data at scale to extract speakers' ethos in order to predict results of presidential elections, detect internet trolls and cyber bullies in social media or uncover potential terrorists threats.