Katarzyna (short version: Kasia) Budzynska

I am an associate professor (senior lecturer) in the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences (Poland), and a senior lecturer at Computing at the University of Dundee (UK). I am head of Computational Ethos Lab (CELab) in the Centre for Argument Technology (ARG-tech).

I have authored and co-authored 2 books and 70 peer-reviewed papers including 16 papers in international journals such as Synthese, Argumentation and Association for Computing Machinery's Transactions on Internet Technology (TOIT). My projects have attracted 4m PLN (£800k; €920k) grant funding from the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the Swiss Programme Sciex, the British programmes of Innovate UK and EPSRC-DTG, and German VW Foundation (VolkswagenStiftung). I have a master degree in economics (1998) from the Warsaw School of Economics (Dept. of Mathematical Economics), a PhD in logic (2002) from the Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University in Warsaw (Dept. of Logic) and a habilitation in philosophy (2013) from the Polish National Academy of Sciences.

My research interests concentrate on the formal analysis of communicative processes of argumentation, dialogue and persuasion. The interdisciplinary approach links together the elements of logic, philosophy of language, rhetoric, linguistics, cognitive science, social psychology, artificial intelligence and computer science.

In 2008, I co-founded, and have since then, coordinated the activities of a nationwide initiative ArgDiaP. Its main goal is to support the cooperation of representatives of the Polish School of Argumentation. Since 2008, ArgDiaP has organized a series of biannual one-day conference meetings, supported several research projects and publishing initiatives in the area.