Long Hair Don't Care Mission

Please visit www.crowdrise.com/longhairdontcare to donate. I have partnered with them because this project has taken off!! Thanks everyone for your support.

In the Spring of 2005 my mom Karen was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was strong and positive enough to fight it off and the cancer went into remission in early 2006. She was completely healthy until a test in the summer of 2010 revealed that her cancer was back and this time in her liver. Unfortunately I was at school in Michigan during her entire battle with the disease the second time around. Her cancer was extremely serious, but thanks to love, prayers, unbelievable doctors, and my mom's undying positive spirit she was able to suppress the cancer's movement. She received a great Christmas present with news that her original tumor had reduced in size considerably and was under control. However, doctor's did find the cancer had metastasized into two more small tumors; one in her liver and one in her lungs. Doctor's have assured her that both are treatable, but this will be another great struggle for her that I'm sure she will be able to over come. Since I have not been able to be with my mom during her battle, I've tried to support her in any way that I can. Since her diagnosis, myself and my best friend Gudger Gentzler, who I have grown up with since I was five, have been growing our hair out in her honor. It's a small gesture that can remind us everyday how fortunate we are that we have the simple luxury of being able to have hair. Once we reach the required lengths we will be donating it to the charity wigs for kids. That charity gives wigs to children who are bald from chemotherapy treatments a wig made of real hair. By doing this small service a child may be able to feel more confident to go to class or play with friends because he or she doesn't have to leave the house bald. The balding is a constant reminder cancer patients face about their daily situations, and it is one thing they should not have to worry about. Karen Beebe's Long Hair Don't Care Mission is to raise money for breast cancer research so that some day there will be a cure for a cancer that affects almost 1 in 12 women. Pink T-shirts with the breast cancer ribbon and the slogan "Long Hair Don't Care" are available for a donation of $15.00 (Sizes of Adult Small, Medium, Large and XL are available). All donations will be sent to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Please support this cause that means so much to me and my family. To donate go to the Donate Link on the left and contribute $15.00 or more and an email will be sent confirming your donation and I will send the t-shirt to you. Thank you to everyone for generosity and love.