We are much like you, and understand that juggling of other commitments as well as those of your children can, at times, be stressful. We also know that the positive time we spend with our children today will pay large dividends in our future relationships with them. Each team has a team parent, this is a person you can lean on for questions and getting to know the other families associated with the team. Almost always, these lacrosse families come together and help each other during the season with ride sharing and helping each other maintain balance in their daily lives.

We consider ourselves successful if a child comes to learn and love the sport of lacrosse. For this to happen, comments to all players on the field are expected to be both positive and family friendly. It is the coach's responsibility to coach. If you have questions or concerns please bring them up privately with the coach or one of the board members of the club and we will try to address them as best we can. A great website for this is

As you all know the Kennebunk Lacrosse Club is run by parents. And without your involvement the Club will cease to flourish. So there are many ways to help out:

  • Become a team parent/administrator – This is an invaluable position for every coach. This position allows the coach to concentrate on teaching the athletes the game so they do not have to worry about carpools, scheduling timers, and coordinating snacks etc. Team parents responsibilities include: handing out and keeping track of the uniforms, scheduling timers and clean up for home games, coordinating post game snacks and drinks, and basically acting as the liaison between the coach and the parents on things that are not directly related to coaching. If you are interested in becoming a team parent, please contact your child’s coach or send an e-mail to

  • Volunteer to coach or help coach – The game of lacrosse is one of the most fun to learn and play. Of course it is challenging also. So we need folks who may already have knowledge of the game and may have coaching experience or at least a strong desire to learn either. Knowledge of the game can be taught and learned, so the most important ingredients for coaching are really passion for teaching, enthusiasm and discipline. The latter is important because without it the first two may get lost in the shuffle! If you are interested in coaching or helping your child’s coach out, please send an e-mail to

  • Volunteer to help line and maintain the fields – The Club is responsible for lining and generally taking care of the fields during the season. The fields generally need to be laid out and lined early in April, then relined as need during the season. While the laying out of the fields is for the experienced, lining and relining can certainly be done by anyone – it is really easy – it you can walk in a straight line! And it does not take very long! If you are interested in helping with the fields, please send an e-mail to

  • If you are interested in volunteering in other ways, please contact us by sending an e-mail to Thank you.