UIRD, Universal IR Receiver Daemon

Control stuff with your remote control 


Copyright C.Bingel 2008

Last updated 2008-02-20

UIRD is software for Linux to control stuff with your normal remote control. The software is designed to interface with the UIRR, Universal IR Receiver, which is a piece of hardware that you can easily build yourself. Just take some passive components, a PIC and an IR-receiver, put the stuff in a brown paper-bag together with a soldering pen and shake well for five minutes. Hopefully you will end up with a working IR-receiver. If that didn't work, quickly eyeball the UIRR-project's homepage for exact instructions on how to easily whip together your own UIR.

It also happends that the commercial IRman-product is using the exact same protocol, so that device should also work, but I haven't tested it.

UIRD feature-list:

  • Embedded PERL-interpreter for advanced scripting features
  • Learning mode - interactively press a button on your remote and then enter what should happend every time you push that button (start a shell-command or call a particular PERL-subroutine). The proper lines are then automatically added to the config-file
  • Simple configuration-file for specifying what should happen when you push a particular button
  • Network mode - sends IR-data encapsulated in UDP-packets over the network to a remote host. Included listener as PERL-module (Uird.pm). 



Sources for uird, version 1.1 (latest) 


This software is released under GNU General Public License.