We no longer have rabbits available- please check with camo creek http://camcreekrabbitry.webs.com/  or mountain valley mist rabbitry
Welcome to our Lop Bunny Hutch!
We have a very small rabbitry in the Portland Oregon area where we raise and show beautiful quality Holland Lops, and French Lops.  Holland lops are the smallest of the lop breeds and French lops are the largest, Mini lops fall in between.  Our focus is on quality not quantity.   Right now we mainly work with the shaded variety such as Sable Point, Siamese Sable and Smoke Pearl as well as Torts.   
We really love spending time with our bunnies and believe it or not even the work that goes into it (which is a lot).  I am looking forward to when my son is old enough to be able to be more of an active little helper.
We raise our buns for show and to better the breed, not for profit.
Sometimes we do have pet quality available so please ask because these guys make wonderful companions.
For information or sale inquiries-please contact Tammy at 
 We are located in NW Oregon.
     our dog Bruin with one of the french lop babies

Member of ARBA and HLRSC
  We also are endorsers and distributors of Pink Zebra Home Scents-  Check it out!

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