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Social Studies Department, Sutherland Secondary School, District 44 (North Vancouver).

Welcome to my website.

My intention is to help students and parents stay connected to my courses and events at my school via the Internet. Friends & family can keep up with me this way too.

Homework and lesson plans can be accessed at my blogsite

Assignments and resources are posted from the course pages below. Use the class links to see course descriptions, assignments and resources for particular courses.

Link to Civilizations 12 page

Link to History 12

Link to History 12 - Literary readings suggestions.

Link to History 12  - films on 20th century history

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Link to Social Studies 8

Link to Study Skills Page

Link to Grade 12 electives in Social Studies

Link to the 86% Club (At the Sutherland School Site)

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Link here to my Photo Galleries on Picassa(Sorry, trips on film are not digitized).

Useful Links:

You Quote It, You Note It! Plagiarism Tutorial

Power Point Tutorial

Zamzar - free online file conversion.  If you can't send me a file that I can read on my computer, use this.

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 - possibly the simplest bibliography maker - type in data and it automatically draws bibliographical information and formats to the style you choose.

Landmarks Citation Machine  Use this to handle bibliographies properly

Sutherland Library Guide to Bibliography formatting

Working BibliographyForm - for gathering bibliographical information

Wikipedia Caution - Global TV excerpt on why it should not be used as a research source. click on Allison Yuchnich reports.

Learn Now BC Online Tutor (have your PEN number available).

North Vancouver School District.

Sutherland Secondary School

TED talks -- videos of great cutting edge thinkers.  Like sampling great books.

Teachers' TV - streaming video of education in the Old Coutry (UK)

Project Gutenberg - 20,000+ books available online, from Medieval to the recently declared copywrite free.

The Universal Digital Library - another scheme to put huge volumes of published material online - their initial goal is to put 1 million volumes online -- in many languages.

Google Book Search - Google's take on putting all of the world's out of print editions online and married to their search engine. 

The Canadian Encyclopedia

Olga's Gallery - An Online Art Museum

Annenberg/CPB Educational Video on Demand

The BBC - radio, television, print and other material

CBC Archives - Historial radio and television segments

Encyclopedia Britannica Online (You need a  City library card to access.  Click on the appropriate link.

Encyclopedia of British Columbia (Click on City or District and have your library card ready.)

World Book Encyclopedia (Have your library card ready.)


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School tutorial times are, officially, 3:05 - 3:25 every Monday and Friday.  However, I am available most days before school, at noon and after school.  Drop in or make an appointment if you need guaranteed time.


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Comparative Civilizations 12


History 12

My Grade 12 Electives

...And Pictures of Current School Events.

Grade 8 Map Work
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Pictures from the Spinathon fund-raiser
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  Zamzar - convert files to other formats.

Grade 11's! Consider Social Studies Options in Grade 12.  Possibilities include Comparative Civilizations 12, Geography 12, History 12 and Law 12.  Find out about them by talking to Social Studies teachers and looking at the Grade 12 electives in Social Studies PowerPoint presentation.

Discovery Streaming video for your computer

Sutherland has a license to access Discovery Channel's United Streaming video collection.  Students may download or stream videos from the collection by going to .  The passcode is located on your course outline sheet or see your teacher for this information.  Parents or students can e-mail me at the address above.

 BC Ministry Course Materials and Outlines

Ministry of Education Instructional Resources Package pages for Social Studies.

Mr. Benoy's Photo of the Day

Sound and light show on Medieval bridge, Cahors, France, 2010.

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