Why Coaching?

I'm Kevin Bullard, the Drum Major Coach new to McKinney, TX from North Carolina.

I develop drum majors on and off the field through one-on-one coaching in the areas of leadership, conducting, marching, and commanding.

I believe personal coaching is powerful for drum majors, because it helps them go farther faster. Here are some other reasons coaching is vital for drum majors:
  • Drum major camps are wonderful, but lack the ongoing personal instruction necessary to develop a drum major’s character, leadership, and conducting skills. That’s where I come in.
  • My coaching services are catered towards aspiring and current drum majors who want to work with an experienced and qualified coach to gain an edge over their competition - whether it be in school tryouts or at marching band competitions.
Contact me today to learn how I can help you accomplish your drum major goals.

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