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W3AHS Dot Com - Millionaire Amateur Radio Club - Williamsport, PA Amateur Radio Repeater 147.300

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W3AHS 147.300 + PL 151.4 hz

is RF linked to

KB3AWQ 444.900 + PL 173.8 hz

is RF linked to

 51.520 FM Simplex PL 173.8 

No matter which frequency you talk on you will come out on the others.

The PL tone is on both receive and transmit so feel free to program it in that way.

Echolink Node # 277377 / W3AHS-R is RF linked into the
mix also.

Williamsport, PA - Lycoming County - FN11lf58

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Q and A... Question: You May Ask Why We Chose W3AHS For A Club Callsign... Answer: Since the repeater is located at the Williamsport Area High School we thought that would be neat! (Williamsport Three Area High School). The club was named Millionaire Amateur Radio Club (Millionaire being the schools nickname as well as in past history the city had the most Millionaires per capita in the World in the Lumbering days as Williamsport was known as the Lumber Capital of the World. The Little League World Series is also held here each year in August and Little League itself was originated in Williamsport near Bowman Field/Memorial Park on West Fourth Street by the late Carl E. Stotz who was a city native. Another neat fact is the 147.300 repeater is the only Amateur Repeater to date as of November 12, 2012 that is physically located in the City of Williamsport (for those who may not be familiar with its location we are located in Williamsport's West End / Newberry). Most other repeaters including commercial listed for Williamsport are located on the Bald Eagle Mountain/Skyline Drive which is South of Williamsport and they are in multiple townships depending on their boundaries.

W3AHS membership: It would be great to have students and employees, like how it works at some schools and colleges throughout the country. The current bylaws were made to allow for the club to obtain the W3AHS callsign.  Other than that membership is pretty much anyone who has helped or who is or has been a student or faculty who has interest in Amateur Radio.  Over the years there have been several students and staff that have been hams and even currently there are some.

This repeater was put on the air in 2001 to experiment with, learn and to add some extra coverage to the area. Equipment was donated by some local hams and is what made this repeater system get in motion. Special Thanks to The Williamsport Area School District, Bill's Electronics and the several hams who have helped make this happen and allowing this public service to grow and serve the communities of the Williamsport area.

You can Test your Key Pad and have it read back to you by keying up, identifying your Technician class or higher amateur radio callsign followed by "testing keypad" and entering 375 followed by whatever DTMF's you wish to test on your radio and it will read it back to you in voice (ex. 375123 it will read back "keypad test 123"). Of course you have to have a good enough signal into the repeater in order for any DTMF commands to work.

W3AHS World Wide via Echolink (Node # 277377). The KB3AWQ Repeater 444.900 + PL 173.8 repeater is linked full-time to the W3AHS Repeater 147.300 using a /\/\ GM-300 UHF Link radio at the 147.300 site.  Echolink comes from KB3AWQ's home and is RF linked into the mix.  Since all the frequencies are linked, they are also linked to Echolink.  Be aware (if your in UHF range to the 147.300 site) by using the upside UHF repeater pair, in other words if you transmit on 444.900 PL 173.8 Simplex, you will also come out on 147.300 "only" if you are within UHF range of the 147.300 site.  

  Even though there are no dues, if something would happen to break down, donations are welcome and depending on what the issue is, it may depend on the future of this system.  Donating gives no special privileges other than knowing that you have contributed to the hobby for all to use. It is encouraged to support your local ham clubs. 


Email to: W3AHS at W3AHS Dot Com

W3AHS Repeater

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