KB3AWQ 6 Meters and 10 Meters Link

In addition to the RF link between the Williamsport, PA W3AHS 147.300 PL 151.4 repeater and KB3AWQ 444.900 PL 173.8 repeater, there is the 51.520 PL 173.8 Simplex Link that is on port 2 of the 444.900 repeater controller. When anyone talks on the 147.3 or 444.9 repeater it also comes out on 51.520 Simplex. When you come in on 51.520 and transmit PL 173.8, you will come out over the 147.3 and 444.9 repeater. Echolink node number 277377 (W3AHS-R) is also part of the mix as well so if you are out of range of the repeaters, you can connect to Echolink and see how your getting in on 10 or 6 meters.

The low band radio use for 6 meters and 10 meters is a modded Kenwood TK-6110 (FM only). The antenna is a Ringo AR-6 fed with about 60 foot of LMR-400.

In addition to the 51.520 link, and since the radio was modded to also do 10 meters also, it was decided to add the calling frequencies in as receive only. The way this works is the radio has 29.600 PL 100.0 and 52.525 PL 100.0 programmed in and is in scan with 51.520 being the primary transmit frequency. The reason for the PL tones is to keep any noise bursts out that may attempt to come in. Some areas I have read use PL 100.0 for the 6 meter calling frequency and I would encourage it to help keep interference out for everyone. With this system everything is using PL both on receive and transmit.

Now realize that 52.525 should receive equally as 51.520, since it is a 6 meter Ringo antenna there will probably be some degradation on 29.600 but like I always say, something is better than nothing and so far it seems like it hears pretty well. This may bring in some band openings providing the PL is used. But keep in mind that 29.6 and 52.525 is receive on so if you respond to someone they won't hear you unless they are on 51.520, 147.3 or 444.9.

I'd be interested in any signal reports and you can email 6meters@ KB3AWQ.com with signal report as the subject or any other questions or comments.

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