KB3AWQ 6 Meters and 10 Meters FM 

From June 2020 to present, 444.900 repeater PL 173.8, 29.560 Repeater input, and 29.660 repeater output and 52.490 Simplex PL 173.8 is connected to Allstar Node 513963 which are internet linked full time.  147.300 is RF linked in to 444.900 which is also part of the Echolink and Allstar mix.  To listen to the live audio stream click here.  Echolink is accessible via KB3AWQ-R node number 277377.  If you are on Allstarlink, use node 513963 to connect to the system, the other node numbers won't allow you to connect. The 10 meter transmit frequency is located at another tower site 3 air miles east of the 440 and 6m on Armstrong Mountain just east of Route 15 which overlooks Montoursville and up and down the Williamsport valley pretty well as well to the south.  All four frequencies are linked together so you may hear someone on 2 meters coming out on 10 meters FM.  Echolink node number 277377 (KB3AWQ-R)   is also part of the mix as well so if you are out of range of the repeaters, you can connect to Echolink.

The low band radio use for 6 meters is a modded Kenwood TK-6110-2 (FM only) and for 10 meters it is also a Kenwood TK-6110-1 (FM only).  The antenna is a DB-212 folded dipole  fed with about 60 foot of LMR-400.

The 10 meter receiver has a ARR preamp, a ICE 431 Bandpass filter and a preselector from a Mastr2.  

I'd be interested in any signal reports and you can email signals @ KB3AWQ.com with signal report as the subject or any other questions or comments.


To the Left you will find audio clips of mostly band openings that have came over the repeater (mostly the 29.660 repeater).  The name files are saved y callsign date and timeframe so yours more than welcome to listen to them.  I started out sending emails to the stations I heard with the audio attached to the email if I could find there email on qrz.com but this allows anyone to listen.  I will try to keep it updated.