Current Affairs, politics, climate change, your well being... it all matters!

Welcome to This World Matters.


This site is here to bring together people who are concerned about the world around them.

The environment, politics, poverty, health, war, an oil based economy... All these things give rise to concern for so many of us.

Acting as individuals and in separate groups we do what we can to make the world a better, safer, kinder, more enlightened and informed place.

From random acts of kindness that brighten up the days of strangers, to mass anti-war demonstrations, our interests and activities vary enormously.

But there is one thing we all have in common.

We care.

This forum is an attempt to bring like-minded people and groups together to share their knowledge, concerns, ideas, solutions, and interestedness. To inform each other of events, activities, protests, etc.


Tell us what you know, find out what we know. 




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It matters that those who represent your views in government know what your views are!


You may find that topics raised in the This World Matters forum cause you to want to take action (there are many ways to do this inside), or make your feelings know to your representative in govenment. Here's where you can locate that representative...

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Inside the forum you'll find stacks of links to stites of interest, google video's and even funnies. You'll also find all the latest climate news and suggested solution.

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Feel free to offer suggestions for links to be included here, or to contact me with any other comments, quiries or suggestions. (This site, like everything, is a work in progress...)

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