Lab Retreat 2015

Date: Aug 4 (Tue) - 6 (Thu), 2015
Venue: Ise-Futami (伊勢市二見生涯学習センター, 伊勢市二見町茶屋111-1)

Purpose: Share our knowledge and exchange our ideas within/outside of our laboratory.
Each D1 student gives a tutorial lecture on a topic related to his/her research.
Each of the other attendees gives a lecture presentation on his/her own research. 
Every student is required to submit a report to the supervisor after the lab retreat.

NAIST 7:20 -> Gakken-Kitaikoma
7:44-9:55 Gakken-Kitaikoma -> Ise
10:00-12:00 Free Discussion
12:00-14:00 Lunch
14:00-17:00 Free Discussion
17:00-19:00 Dinner

(Hotel Room)
19:00-19:30 Prof. Junichiro Yoshimoto: Reinforcement learning in brain---computational model of cortico-striatal system.
19:30-20:00 Prof. Yuichi Sakumura (Aichi Pref. Univ.): Estimation of axonal growth inhibitors and reagent permeability.
20:00-20:30 Prof. Toshitaka Yamakawa (Kumamoto Univ.): Brain cooling---Advanced epilepsy treatment.
20:30-22:00 Matthew J. Holland: Introduction to semiparametric models.

9:00-10:00 Jaymar B. Soriano: Mathematical models of neurons and their properties.
10:00-11:00 Nishanth Koganti: Introduction to Gaussian processes and latent variable models.
11:00-11:30 Prof. Kazushi Ikeda: Mathematical model for metric sharing in a community.
12:00-13:30 Lunch
13:30-17:00 Free Discussion
17:00-19:00 Dinner

(Hotel Room)
19:00-19:20 Takumi Hayakawa (Aichi Pref. Univ.): 神経成長円錐の数理モデル.
19:20-19:40 Rina Ouchi: イヌとヒトのインタラクションの定量的解析.
19:40-20:00 Rongxiu Chen: 神経極性の数理モデルの構築.
20:00-20:20 Tomohito Suzaki: 運転時における道具の身体化現象の実証.
20:20-20:40 Clark Kendrick Cheng Go: Modeling and analysis of swarm intelligence.
20:40-21:00 Hiroaki Fujii: イヌの行動解析技術の開発.
21:00-21:20 Kazuki Asayama: 隠れマルコフモデルによる運転行動モデリング.
21:20-21:40 Yasutaka Furusho: Information theoretical analysis of deep learning representations.
21:40-22:00 Arata Honda: 情報統計力学による適応フィルタの解析.

9:00-9:20 Yuto Okada: fNIRSとfMRIデータの関係解析.
9:20-9:40 Kai Suwabe: デコーディング技術を用いた想起の研究.
9:40-10:00 Bryan Lao: Effects of therapist assistance in sit-to-stand motion.
10:00-10:20 Ryunosuke Hamada: Modeling and prediction of driving behaviors based on automatic temporal segmentation.
10:20-10:50 Prof. Takatomi Kubo: Speech recognition using sEMG signals.
10:50-11:20 Prof. Tomoya Tamei: In-home rehabilitation of balance disorders.
11:20-11:30 Concluding remarks.
12:00-17:00 Lunch & Free Discussion
17:35-20:09 Toba -> Gakken-Kitaikoma

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