Buah Naga/Pitaya (Dragon Fruit)
Different countries with different name for this dragon fruit, here local people named it as Buah(fruit) Naga(dragon) or Buah kaktus madu in Malays Language.

 Dragon fruit / buah naga tree

Not yet mature

Fruits going to ripe

We can get a lot of fruits in one time

Yummy dragon fruit

Buah naga (hylocereus undatus) and famous with the name of Pitaya or dragon fruits, in Mandarin 火龍果/火龙果,started to get it's name in Malaysia after the year of 2001.

In Malaysia, farmers plant the white dragon fruit (hylocereus undatus) and red dragon fruit (hylocereus). The red dragon fruits are more popular. Now this fruit can be seen any where in Malaysia. Even some plant it in the big flower pot.

It's very easy for this fruits to grow in tropical climate. It is a cactus plant. It can be plant from the stalks or seeds. It often needs the sunlight, so it is called as the long day plant. Ferterlizer is very important for growing this fruit. The fruits will be more delicious and beautiful in colour.  Good waterway is important.

We need to prepare the stand-still supporter for this plant because it has the soft stem which will grow creeply. It will attracts the bee and ants. When the fruit going to ripe then will attract the bird...so farmers mostly will wrapped with the paper bag or old newspaper.

The white dragon fruit trees more rough in stem and with more lighter green in colour. The flowers blooms at night and within a night with the frangant flowers. It has its named as Queen of the night or moonflower. The flower will wilt by the morning. Then it started to form the fruits.

The mature fruit is about 300g to 700g each. The price RM3.00 to RM6.00 per kg according to the gred. Some fruit hawkers sell it for RM3.50 each.

The fruit aroma is special. It has the soft leatherly skin. It has the soft leafly thorn. Easy to peel off the skin. It's rich in fibre. White dragon fruit flesh has the very light taste. Red dragon fruit flesh is in mild sweet taste.

The fruits can be served as the table fruit desserts or making in puding. 

The dragon fruit give : (sorce from FAMA, Malaysia)Energy                                                          67.70 Kcal
Water                                                            85.30%
Protein                                                          1.10 gm
Fat                                                                 0.57 gm
Carbohydrates                                           11.20 gm
Fibre                                                            11.34 gm
Calcium                                                       10.20 mg
Phosphorous                                              27.50 mg
Magnesium                                                38.90 mg
Potassium                                                     3.37 mg
Iron                                                               0.70 mg
Sodium                                                          8.90 mg
Zinc                                                                0.35 mg
Sorbitol                                                        32.70 mg
Fructose                                                        3.20 mg
Vitamin C                                                           3 mg
Niacin                                                               2.8 mg

The red purple dragon fruit colour is the natural one and it has the propertise of Anthocyanin which control the heart beat and slow down the aging for human. Eaten regularly  can also help in alleviating chronic respiratory tract ailments. The vitamin C can beutify and make the skin more healty.

Dragon fruit is good for the diagestive system in our body and also aid in good blood circulation. It can lower the emotion stress and neutral the toxic in our body. It can prevent the intestine cancer and lower the fat in our body.

There are some feedbacks that it help for the weight loss.

Whereas the black seeds has the Albumen which help the digestive system where it collect the surplus food in the stomach, eliminate the excessive heavy metal toxic in the stomach too. 

Need to put it in attention too, the dragon fruit has it's natural laxative properties and may lead to gastro-intestinal discomfort and diarrhea to some people. Anyway, do not take excessively, then it should not be any problem.